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An Email From Someone Who Spent $1000s Online…

I woke up to a snowy morning herein Greater China and read this email from a subscriber. Massod has been searching for a way to earn his 1st dollar online. He has paid $1000s of dollars to learn online marketing and yet to see any return. ====================== Subscriber Email ====================== Dear Mr.Sherman After seeing this video online, now iam completely conviced. and now i know who you are. Iam sorry for the past email i replied u. i wrote it thinking that i was getting scammed. but after [...]

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Affiliate Marketing- How to create $100,000 in affiliate revenue in a few days…

If you're looking to generate $100,000 in a few days, this post will surely interest you...but before I write further, here's a video you can watch. Its me in the background, "sounding" muffled... Anyways, check out as I log in live to one of my specialty sites, and you'll see some very interesting stats, from $0.00 to $203.00 to..... Click to watch $100,000 revenue generated in a few days (opens in new window) From my experience, there're 2 ways you can generate $100,000 in a few days. 1. [...]

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How To Sell Online – Successful Conversion Process

Copyright 2008 Sherman Choo. This article is for my subscribers. It may not be copied, reposted or reproduced in any form. Successful Conversion Process (Value $0 to some $9230 to those who read and implement) Here is a breakdown of how products are sold online. Implement them in your business and watch your internet bank account grow. 1. Email Marketing. Email marketing is simply building a list of subscribers who wish to keep in touch with you. They like what you write, your insights and recommendations. This works [...]

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Internet Riches For 3 Luvly Ladies, A Success Case Study For The New Year 2008

I dropped Ada an SMS to inform her a piece of great news. Her website ( that had near: Zero page rank Zero Incoming Links was listed on the premium page for the most completive keyword in Google. And that word is "Dating" There are over 368,000,000 websites listed in Google for this keyword. If you've been in the Internet circles long enough, you will realize that Internet Marketers, (some whose seminars you may have paid $1497 to attend) speak of going for long tailed keywords. Keywords such [...]

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