Progressing From a 6 Figure Affiliate to 6 Figure Vendor

Some thoughts today about affiliate marketing and being a vendor and how the transition was like for me. I am an apex vendor with clickbank (in layman terms, it means i make  a six figures with the network) so it gives me some insight into this. If you're an affiliate marketer who wants to become a vendor, i hope this post benefits you. 1.The Most Important Skill an Affiliate Needs To Have First of all, as an affiliate, most of my work involved searching for traffic online. There [...]

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Essential Secrets To Clickbank…

When it comes to making money with Clickbank, its important to know how to choose the right products. The simplest way is to spend some time and effort to run through every clickbank product that you like. The reason for this is because some new products are not marketed yet. If you can find them, these are potential gold mines just waiting for someone to exploit them. I personally don't sell everything on Clickbank. So some products that are doing very well there, I may have missed out [...]

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