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Benefits of Optimisation

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Optimizing a campaign can lead to exponentially increased profits.

Eg, after optimization, $0.30 a click decreases to $0.1 a click.

at $0.30 a click, 100 clicks cost $30 at $0.10 a click, 100 clicks cost $10

Traffic can also increase because relevant ads get to show up more often.

Increased Traffic +Cheap clicks = Significantly Increased Profits

Eg, at $0.1 a click, we may get 300 clicks for $30.

With cheap volume means $500 to $2000 profits a day.

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How To Scale and Optimise Earnings..

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

There are a few ways to scale and optimise earnings, lets go over 2 things you can implement quickly:

1. Expand into Countries outside the USA

Lets say you're doing a diet product promoting it in the USA, that product earns you 100% ROI. That means you spend $100 to earn $200 revenue, thats $100 profit.

(In Pay Per Click marketing, such ROI is quite typical.  You will find some elite PPC marketers able to spend $500 to earn $2500.)

The simplest way to scale, would be to create a SEPARATE campaign and target another country, say the UK.

Do not mix up the campaigns demographics up. I never do it that way, and I doubt the elite PPC players do it too.

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Consultation: Lost Your BingAds, Adwords Account and Want It Back?

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

"Sherman, Im no longer able to advertise on Bingads and Adwords 🙁 "

How Do I Know If My Account has been Banned? I did not get any error or email message.

Some scenarios where your account gets locked up and you're unable to use the Adwords or BingAds service again.

BingAds Ban

You'll find that you're unable to log into the account and are booted out to the main log in page. This means your account has been flagged as fraudulent. BingAds can append a .fraud at the end of your username.

Most will try calling in to BingAds support line. They'll inform you need to wait 3 days for a reply from Billing. 5% of the cases will get the account back, 95% will not be able to get back the account. Basically, you can expect a cookie cutter email that says "After review, we are unable to reinstate your account…"

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Call To Get Your Adwords Account Back…

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Even legit companies can potentially get their adwords accounts banned.

They could be promoting Nike Shoes and have their account banned for claiming that Nike shoes have the ability to let you jump higher because of a special foam technology, even if its true.

eg, Standford University has Alumni that Change the World.

This claim could get the adwords account banned. to an editorial team who has never heard of Standford University, its too hypey. not everyone knows the creators of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin came from Standford.

eg. is a new website from Slide, a Google subsidiary, where people looking for help with a problem can utilize the time and effort of a whole crowd of people to provide them with the best solution they can think of.

have you see their Google Adwords ads?

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Google Adwords Suspending Everyone…Almost

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

In Google Adwords bid to cull advertising they consider undesirable, many good advertisers have also been hit, and have had their business shut down because they can't find any new source of customers.

2 common areas that are quickly shut down by Adwords are the "make money" websites that try to advertise on Adwords.

An Ad that says "Make $5000 a month" is almost certainly shut down by the Google Bot. A manual review may take place which confirms that decision.

That manual review is usually done by someone from India. Inferred by an Indian name at bottom of every Suspension email.

Weight loss landers, are very easily fall prey to the google adwords bot as well. Certain words on the lander that give the Bot cause that weight loss is too "fantastic or quick" gets an account permanently suspended. A manual review from india may or may not help. Even if you are a legitimate weight loss website with a brick and motar business, your website can still be prohibited from every advertising on Google Adwords once the suspension review is determined final by the Indian vetting center.

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$100,000 in 3 months with Adwords

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

It is amazing what the internet can do. They way Google Adwords is structured now, so long as you can offer a good service from your website. You can count on Adwords to send you a ton of traffic.

A couple of things you want to leverage are the following.

1. Use the Content network.

Adwords shows their ads on websites that place a tiny code from Adsense. This is Google's publishing platform. Ads served on Adwords gets shown up on websites that have these little codes. 

One of the main problems with Adsense back in the early days was the fraud issues. As of now 2011, Adsense strictly polices for fraud and anyone caught clicking on their own ads will have their adsense account banned.

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Google Adwords Will Ban The Following Type Of Sites

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Google will suspend AdWords accounts include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • data collection sites that offer free items and the like in order to collect private information
  • arbitrage sites without relevant and original content that are designed for the purpose of showing ads
  • affiliate sites without relevant and original content that are designed to drive traffic to another site with a different domain
  • "get-rich quick" sites
  • malware sites that install software on a visitor's computer
  • poor comparison shopping or travel sites whose primary purpose is to send users to other shopping or travel comparison sites, rather than to provide useful content or additional search functionality

These are guidelines, but they will ban more as Adwords deem non- beneficial to the public. If someone writes into Adwords and a manual reviewer reviews your site, deciding it is indeed non compliant, or if enough complaints can be found on "rip off" complaints sites, then the account and all related accounts, domains will get banned too.

The AdWords system visits and evaluates advertiser landing pages on a regular basis to ensure this compliance.

When suspending accounts,  Adwords determines whether an AdWords account is "related" based on various factors including subscriber data, account content, and other information.

If you're a six figure ex adwords advertiser and want to get back into the Adwords game, with new accounts and all, contact me here for "Google Slap" support.

Google Slap And How To Get Around It

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

These days, everyone is suffering from the Google Slap.

Adwords Ban is very common now. Google Adwords reviewers have the authority to ban any site they perceive as "poor" user experience.

We all love to market info products. However, the days of marketing information products using Google Adwords are 99.9% over.

Most newbies start out trying to market CLICKBANK products.  Understand now that if its just a simple sales page, or a site that is of low quality which has received complaints by users writing in to "rip of sites", telling of their negative experience, that domain will receive a low Quality Score, which means expensive $1.50 bids, or you might receive an outright ban.

But is this going to impede us from earning $1000++ a day?

Of course not! 🙂

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How To Get $75 Worth of Adwords Coupons FREE

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

These coupons come along once in a while, but when you get them, its like someone handing you $2000 in cash.

Adwords coupons are handed out by Article Directories.

Article directories are used by marketers to market their products and they often provide insightful tips that give benefits to their audience.

For marketers that are versed in article marketing and earn good back links as well as traffic from idexed articles, article directories also hand out FREE adwords coupons.

If you only have 1 author account, then you only get 1 adwords coupon. If you have many author accounts, then you get 1 coupon for every author account you hold that has contributed articles to the site.

A few good ones are

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Received $750 Worth Of Free Google Adwords Advertising

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

Today, I just received $750 worth of Google Adwords Advertising via their promotional codes. About 10 in total.

This is equivalent to Adwords putting $2250 in your bank account for free!

This came as a surprise because a traffic generation strategy that I use consistent to this day happened to send me free coupons to help me get more traffic! I will detail this and what you need to do to get these $75 Adwords promotion coupons.

Talk soon!

Working With Google Adwords

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Adwords quality score – The quality score is awarded by Google to determine how relevant a landing page is to their searches. If the quality score is high, the lower the cost is. Often once a page has been visited by the google bot, if it has a bad quality score, the QS is going to stay that way, which is not a good thing because it translates to expensive clicks which can be unprofitable for a business. If the QS is high, its going to be profitable UNTIL, your page goes through a google manual review. When this happens, the campaign might get hit by what is known as a google slap. The bids will then fall through the roof and one will need to pay for clicks that are no longer profitable, anywhere from $1.50 and above.

Adwords click thru rate – Google can give a good QS to a landing page of about 7 to 10 upon 10. Over a period of 24 hours, should the CTR of a keyword associated to an ad be too low, the QS can fall to 2. This will almost immediately translate to bids that are far too high to sustain the ad running. While choosing a keyword that is too broad and has too many searches, the CTR can very quickly fall way too low, resulting in high bids.

Working with rebills – Rebills is something that google is not too keen to have on their advertising platform. This is because there're too many complaints about charges that should not be. Its suggested that if you run rebills, try not to run it on google adwords.

1st Manual review – Sometimes, an ad will not show for more then a few days. This normally happens to new google adwords accounts. When this happens to you, either wait for the review to occur or, you can write to Google Adwords support and request for a review that your ads are not showing. That can help expedite your ad to show.

Adwords OPPORTUNITY Tab – This gives you suggestions for keywords that are closely related and helpful for your campaign. With these suggestions, some might be good, some not, so be sure to be selective about the keywords that you decide to add to your campaign. It can be the difference between a couple $100 extra and a campaign loss.

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PPC Profits of $200 Per Day opposed to $20 Per Day…

Monday, February 9th, 2009

When doing pay per click marketing, its a good idea to know the difference between EXACT match and PHRASE match.

1. Exact match refers to when you have your keyword written in this format.

[make money online]

This is exact match. When a person types in make money online into Google, your ad will show.

If that person types in makemoneyonline, your ad will not show.

2. Phrase match refers to keywords written in this format.

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Traffic From Pay Per Click Marketing Domain Bidding

Saturday, January 17th, 2009

When I want to get some high converting keywords, I will go into the different domain name variations. Say I wanted to bid on the domain SuccessUniversity.

Here are the variations we can test for traffic and conversions.
www.successuniversity com
successuniversity com
ww.successuniversity com
wwwsuccessuniversity com
wwsuccessuniversity com
www successuniversity
www successuniversitycom
www successuniversity com
ww successuniversity
ww successuniversitycom
ww successuniversity com
http www
http www successuniversity
http www successuniversitycom
http www successuniversity com
http ww
http ww successuniversity
http ww successuniversitycom
http ww successuniversity com
http://www.successuniversity com
http://ww.successuniversity com

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PPC Classroom Update – Lessons & Mistakes From 6 Figure Pay Per Click Marketing

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Back to the discussion about Pay Per Click Marketing and Landing Quality Score.

I corresponded with Renee from Speed PPC. (Renee is from Australia and she has some really nice Speed PPC videos teaching on how to use fully utlise the tool, available to members.)

With Speed PPC, there is a learning curve which allows you to build massive PPC keyword campaigns. When building massive campaigns, there are often cases where 30% of your keywords get slapped with $0.45 to $0.60 to $8.00 to $15.00 bids. Speed PPC is still a great tool, when combined with others tools that help lower your Google Adword Quality Score.

PPC Classroom 2.0 speaks about going breadth when selecting keywords. However, even if you go breadth, it does not mean that this strategy is the key to riches (but it is important), because many of your keywords will not necessarily show up on the sponsored search. Inserting TOKENS don't necessarily help in lowering your score. The old fashioned way of being willing to construct a unique landing page for every single 1000 keywords, will often get you $0.08 sponsored search bids. And that's alot of work.

I mainly use Speed PPC to construct my campaigns and I don't use their templates, which although it helps in tracking TIDs and stuff, simply inserting tokens into these templates does not necessarily give me the $0.08 bids I need. The full proof way is to really build unique landing pages on a themed website with real content.

Think about it, Google wants content, fresh and updated, if everyone were to scrap stuff from all over the net, then there is no longer any need to create material for people. Google wants links from PPC Ads to link to unique content too. Not stuff that can be found from the normal search engine.

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How Short is Short?

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

I've seen posts about dynamic landing pages that state having a keyword on your landing page that coincides with the phrase searched in Google will decrease your Adwods Keyword cost.

I thought I qualify this statement.

In my niches outside Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, or Home Business, I have a landing page with the exact same keyword in headings at the top of the landing page, that corresponds directly to the word searched for in Google.

My Minimum Bid cost was

$15.00. That's $15.00 per click, even if my ad is the only ad in Googles Sponsored search.

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The Ms Google Slap…$15 Per Click

Monday, January 14th, 2008

If you ever been slapped by the Google Glove, you know it gives you a warm…fuzzy…tingly feeling. Since PPC makes alot of money for me, I spent half the day trying to find a work around for getting spanked hard by Ms Google.

I managed to get my $15 keyword from $15 down to $0.06 but that was not before some curious fellow clicked on my Ad and charged my Credit Card with a $15 click.

Anyhow…Here's a quick run down on what you need to know if you get spanked.

Google has a record of keywords that you get slapped with. They will spank fast but will take time to unspank you. Is it fair? Nope but that's life. So. its safer to get the PPC campaign set up once well, then to figure out what went wrong. Prevention is better then cure.

Here's what you'll wanna do to ensure that your landing page is well received by Ms Google.

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Question: Google Adwords a Scam?

Monday, December 24th, 2007

Google Adwords a Scam?

Question: Is there a way of finding out if Google is clicking my own Adwords Ads ? I think im getting fraudulent clicks. PLEASE HELP!

Answer: Google would not click on your ads. However, your competitors might. Also I would recommend not advertising with "content" option because you do get fradulent clicks from Adsense. Google does try to reduce fradulent clicks but its not necessarily full proof.

You'll only get charged per unique click on your Search Google Ads.

Adwords is for the long term, you need to survive pass the initial clicks as your competitors (especially if its a competitive keyword) might click on your ads and once that's over, you'll be able to start generating customer traffic.

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