DJK Shadow – Microsoft Case Study

Having gone throught the DJK tutorials, its a selection of case studies which lets you see how others invest money to earn money via Google Adwords. 1. The Microsoft Affiliate Case Study. ($18K in 30 days, worth a look) This case study informs why even at $1.50 commissions can be lucrative if the traffic and demand is high enough. Send enough traffic to a high demand offer and your $1000+ PPC check is a mail away>> Mostly direct linking, so its a make money fast, get-in-and-get-out locust type [...]

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Black Ink Project – Jeremy “Inking” His Way To Online Cash

Jeremy has come up with an affiliate blueprint for 2009. Here are some of the key points addressed. Test Your Niche - Before entering any niche, we need to know whether or not that niche is something people need. So its important to test with some money before going in full scale. Here you'll learn a method to quickly test a niche. Develop a Successful Business Plan - This is going to be your business model, aka "looking at the big picture". This is where you generate your [...]

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Commission Blueprint & Private Banker Girls

Before I go on, let me 1st say, that Commission Blueprint is a good resource. The things they teach, I discovered it very late in my own internet marketing career, 4 years later after tons of trial and error working with php files, tinkering with the 3 major search engines, PPC tools and tracking IDs. So if there is going to be any nit picking on Commission Blueprint, its just a nit pick, will take nothing away from them. The skills they teach are x10000 more applicable to [...]

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My Take On Traffic Secrets 2.0 by John Reese

Traffic Secrets was created by John Reese. I've taken a look at the course. Here's my take on it. 1. You're just starting out... If you're just starting out online and you're thinking of going into any one of these industries, then you may want to throttle down a little on your expenditure, especially if you don't much money to spend in the 1st place. (the course isn't cheap) Ebay Affiliate Marketing Product Creation Authoring an InfoProduct Blogging For A Living Selling Membership products either as an affiliate [...]

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How To Make Money Online – “A Session With Rob”

Reliable "make money online" information can be found from people who started outside the "Make Money" online niche, folks like Rob Benwell... In order to help 10 (ten) persons get started in Niche Marketing, I'll provide you $80 (value $80) in advertising cash to implement Rob's "Eliminator" method. With this money, you can jump start your business in any niche. These are niches outside the following: Home Business Network Marketing Internet Marketing Make Money Online Adsense Here's how to qualify: You need to be serious about niche marketing [...]

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