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How to Make Money Online – Lifestyle Or Professional Blogger

Friday, September 19th, 2008

A blog is a powerful tool simply because its contents are quickly indexed by the major search engines.
There're 2 main type of bloggers, lets have a look at how these blogs are monetised!

1) Lifestyle Blogging

Are you hip, fun, outgoing, entertaining, cool? Then a lifestyle blog may just be for you! The idea of a Lifestyle blog is to come across as friendly, FUNNY and upbeat.

Lifestyle blogging gives you a cool "celebrity" status, especially if your content is interesting, has nice photos, quirky, humorous.

If your viewership is high enough, advertising space or product/venue reviews can be used to monetise your blog. Perhaps the best way is to blog a post where you try a certain product, or visit a nightclub as part of your lifestyle then write your experience about it (and be paid to do so by the company). Just as they advertise products in movies, an Aston Martin or BMW in James Bond, if you're a lifestyle blogger you can do the same, where you creatively showcase the product by weaving it in as part of what you did today.

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The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge – 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE.

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge – Valid Till 7th September 2008

1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE.

1 Spot Only.

To commemorate a new milestone online (hitting a personal new online income), for 4 weeks and 45min session periods per week, I will coach 1(one) "SERIOUS" person for FREE to make REAL money online.
(Note: If you're already successful online, that means earning at least $5000 every month, then you're doing well, save a spot for someone else who has never made a single cent online or don't know what an internet check looks like)

Please read it all before deciding whether or not to participate.


  • I will work with you LIVE 45 minutes each week for 4 sessions by SKYPE, giving you personal pointers as you progress through the course, and monitoring what you've done the previous week.
  • There is no written material, we will be working live via SKYPE and I will give you pointers on what to do. You'll be taking down live notes on your side of the screen.
  • I will be pointing you to live case studies online, websites and URLs that are raking in cash, how you can do it and cash in.
  • You will be starting a real internet business. (There are many industries you can go into, CPA, Adsense, Adwords, Affiliate Networks, Product Owner, Merchant Affiliate Programs, there are tons of programs, filtering through them all to test what works takes time) I'll tell you one that I know works, there is a burning desire to fill a need and you can just follow and cash in.
  • You MUST hit a minimum income goal of $500. If you can earn more, $1K, $3K, its all your money to keep. The minimum you must hit if you're working with me is $500 from scratch.

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Blink Web – Blink Your Way Around The Web

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Here's a nifty tool that allows you to create nifty little cash sites and landing pages with opt ins to popular autoresponder services like Get Response.

Its called Blink Web.

I spent 30 minutes tinkering around with it. Nice!

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