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How to Make Money Online – Lifestyle Or Professional Blogger

A blog is a powerful tool simply because its contents are quickly indexed by the major search engines. There're 2 main type of bloggers, lets have a look at how these blogs are monetised! 1) Lifestyle Blogging Are you hip, fun, outgoing, entertaining, cool? Then a lifestyle blog may just be for you! The idea of a Lifestyle blog is to come across as friendly, FUNNY and upbeat. Lifestyle blogging gives you a cool "celebrity" status, especially if your content is interesting, has nice photos, quirky, humorous. If [...]

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The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge – 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE.

The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge - Valid Till 7th September 2008 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE. 1 Spot Only. To commemorate a new milestone online (hitting a personal new online income), for 4 weeks and 45min session periods per week, I will coach 1(one) "SERIOUS" person for FREE to make REAL money online. (Note: If you're already successful online, that means earning at least $5000 every month, then you're doing well, save a spot for someone else who has never made a single [...]

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