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Prometheus 2012 (Spoiler)

The Engineers were trying to create an army of ALIEN XENOMORPHs, the creature you see bursting out of the Engineer's body at the end of the show. Human/Engineer DNA combined with the Giant Squid creature is required for this. The giant squid would enter a human orally and after a few hours, an Alien Xenomorph would form and burst out of the human body. In order to mass produce an army of Alien Xenomorph, The Engineers sacrificed a single Engineer knowing that in time, his DNA would populate [...]

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Looking Back at 2009, Now 2010!

For all online internet business owners, starting out as an Entreprenuer is mostly a lonely road. If my experience and others who have started their own niche business is anything to go by, it always starts with a dream. Whether it be working at your own time, working from anywhere in the world, waking at 10am while everyone is rushing to work, or just plain getting financially well in just under a year. Once we have made up our mind, we sling a backpack over our shoulders and start walking. Those that finally [...]

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Back from China and Adwords Cleanup..

Just back from China, and thought i post in case some folks thought that im out of commission. Im still alive and kicking. There's been a clean up over at adwords on how one can advertise on their network. Here's some insights. No advertising of biz ops, such as google biz ops. Suspension of adwords account that promote thin affiliate sites. Health products are still allowed. If you're thinking of going into the biz ops, I recommend don't unless you know a thing or 2 about adwords, have [...]

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