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"What Other Ways Are There To Drive Traffic To My Website?"

Monday, June 10th, 2013

When comes to traffic, unfortunately… theres no such thing as free traffic.

Traffic can be acquired with time or money, or from relationships acquired with time or money.

  • time (SEO) Need to create content for google

  • viral (people referring people) Need to create something innovative people want to share FREELY

  • money (buying ads) Needs marketing know-how, funds and ability to get an ROI, weed out bad traffic, constant monitoring during early ROI test phase.

  • relationships with business partners Need to contribute back to partners.

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PPC Classroom 2.0 By Amit and Anik

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

PPC Classroom 2.0 by Amit, the $2.4million dollar Physics guy who "worked" at MIT. They are giving a ton of PPC tips away for free and over delivered on these resources so as to assure you that you can absolutely put your faith in them.

Even if you don't take their course, the free tips alone are worth getting.

A New Age

Folks like Amit are ushering in a new age of Internet Marketing coaches.

What sets Amit apart from many who teach the subject of Internet or Affiliate Marketing is that he does what he teaches made apparent because of the depth at which he shares the PPC affiliate tips. They practice, become successful, then teach.

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Outsourcing Website Traffic Generation to the Professionals

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

There's a few ways to get more traffic to your website. For small businesses, or to test a few things on a website, we might send some traffic on our own to a certain website. After a while, when the numbers start to add up, we can decide whether or not to continue generating the traffic on our own, or outsourcing this aspect to professional companies or individuals. Lets have a look at a few outsourcing traffic generation tactics we can use once a business model is working.

  • Increase Website Traffic #1 TIp: Pay per click marketing such as ABC Search, Google, Yahoo, Miva can be outsourced to professional PPC companies. Naturally, it does cost to have a PPC company handle your campaigns for you, but if you're looking to target a chinese 1.6 billion audience with Baidu, and can't handle the chinese interface, then it might be a good idea to have a PPC company handle that for you. They have professional tie ups with PPC companies and could get the best rates for you and your keywords.
  • Increase Website Traffic #2 Tip: Forum marketing is as simple as having a link in your signature box and answering questions that forums goers might have. Its important to allow your signature link to show naturally, then allow it to be a ad. Once people respect your answers and assistance, they will be interested in your website and services. You can outsource forum answering to professional forum posters. They usually are from Philippines.
  • Increase Website Traffic #3 Tip: Offline advertising is perhaps the least used. The most effective way, I feel, is to hand out flyers that lead to a landing page with an incentive or benefit which makes it worthwhile for a visitor to provide you their contact details. This is usually an ecourse or preview of what you can offer. If your benefits are good enough, they will purchase your product.

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