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Promoting Recurring Billing Products

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Its a good idea to promote recurring billing products because as compared to a one time commission, you get to earn a few times over the long run. When promoting recurring billing items, its important to take note of a few things.

1. Recurring Billing Items That Are Hidden Cost.

Some items have their cost hidden in the terms and conditions. These items can be quite profitable, however, they need to be within the VISA guidelines. Its easy to get in trouble when there are enough complaints against the item. Right now, the industry is in a midst of change regarding this sort of billing, so do be careful if you intend to promote these items. Lawyers can contact the networks that you're working with and they may contact you to take down your site. Some marketers that promote such items do inform their customers to study the terms and conditions before they purchase. Such responsible marketing is good for the industry.

2. Informed Recurring Billing

Informed recurring billing keeps the customer informed before they purchase. This allows the customer to know what they are in for. It could be fresh content updated every monthly, or a health product shipped monthly. You can normally expect a customer to stay with the purchase for at least 3 months.

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