DJK Shadow – Microsoft Case Study

//DJK Shadow – Microsoft Case Study

DJK Shadow – Microsoft Case Study

Having gone throught the DJK tutorials, its a selection of case studies which lets you see how others invest money to earn money via Google Adwords.

1. The Microsoft Affiliate Case Study. ($18K in 30 days, worth a look)

This case study informs why even at $1.50 commissions can be lucrative if the traffic and demand is high enough. Send enough traffic to a high demand offer and your $1000+ PPC check is a mail away>>


Mostly direct linking, so its a make money fast, get-in-and-get-out locust type of PPC >>

2. Content of what is being covered.

Here's a snapshot of what's covered in DJK Shadow


3. More Pay Per Click Case Studies of What Works And What Does Not, plus a day in the life of a PPC affiliate>>

Yes, not exactly my time table but fairly accurate. If you want to do PPC, 1st week is the toughest and once its rolling, its hands free cash.


All the Best


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