Email Marketing $2500 in 1 day, $30,000 in 14 days…Really?

Email Marketing $2500 in 1 day, $30,000 in 14 days…Really?

I thought i write about email marketing today, the benefits and services a work-at-home marketer earning $5,000 – $30,000 a month would use.

  • Doing a mailing for a new launch can net around $5000 profits in 3 days, a typical scenario looks like this. On the 1st day, the sales account will earn $2500, 2nd day $1500, 3rd day$1000, as time progresses and traffic dwindles, commissions slowly dwindle.
  • For marketers with a large mailing list, (500,000 contact list), don’t be surprised that they earn $30,000 in 2 weeks. Around 5 email mailings is done within 14 days, emails sent out 2 days apart.

So if you think about email marketing ad a business model in terms of time, its good and almost passive income. Imagine the time we spend uploading photos to facebook, Instagram account, chatting on wechat or whatsapp. That same amount of time can earn a sum of $5000 – $30,000, that is 2 hours work writing 5 emails and scheduling them to be sent out over a period of 2 weeks.

Now that we know that email marketing is knowledge that makes money. How can a person with little programming knowledge do it?

There are 2 ways that I use and both work.

Either the email marketer uses a list manager/SMTP combo, OR he goes with a 3rd party email service provider.

I’ll share more including my personal good and negative experiences in next post… stay tuned.

To Your Success!


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