Email Marketing Business, Cash on Demand

Email Marketing Business, Cash on Demand

I’ve been busy working on a new niche in the fx industry. Whenever starting on a new site, 1st thing I do before adding before adding any content is the opt in list form. People who opt in to the list are interested in the subject matter and are often willing buyers over time, so long as the info that we put out is genuine and we test things out before informing our audience.

That way we build credibility and rapport.

For example, in the forex industry, there are many indicators an expert advisors that cost alot of money to buy.  I’ll test these scripts and algos before passing on my review to interested associates then they can make up their mind whether the software suits their trading methodology.

Visitors may not buy anything on the 1st visit to your website so its important to keep in touch with a subscriber with them through a newsletter series with original videos that can be uploaded to youtube.

In the forex industry, reputation is key, so making a recording of ourselves testing a product, upload that video to youtube, then embed that video to your website. This last step is important because we wouldnt want our audience to be side tracked by other video recommndations on youtube.

Once the review video is on your website, send an email blast to the opt in list and watch the cash roll in. If your opt in list is 100,000 or more, you can make around $50,000 in one email blast. (depending on the product and the niche).

There are issues with self hosted versus hosted email marketing solutions. I’ll discuss my experience in the next post.

To your success!

Sherman Choo

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