Email Marketing Using a 3rd Party Provider

Email Marketing Using a 3rd Party Provider

The 3rd Party Email Marketing Solutions Provider  I’ve used are GetResponse and Aweber.

I’ve made more then half a million through GetResponse and with CPA and Clickbank. If you scroll thru mysite, you will see certifications of success as a top vendor with clickbank.

For PASSIVE income…This is the 2 punch knock out strategy i use. (Paid advertising x (Optin List+YouTube Unlisted Videos)

Sales will come from paid advertising. The cost of advertising is offset immediately when a sale is made. (All thats needed is a break even). Some visitors do not buy on the 1st visit, thats where email follow up does its magic. By spending 3 days researching useful material and spoon feeding my audience, they will recognise the efforts and build goodwill. Sometimes information may not be something very special, but the thing is if we make an effort to google something, find the answer to a problem in our niche and give it our audience, there is still value addition because they didnt have to spend time to google it.  Some one spent the time to do it for them.

And we need to only do this work once. After that, GetResponse and Aweber follows up with our audience on our behalf.

I’ve found Getresponse and Aweber similar in their email deliverability. They used to be quite cost effective but nowadays i save these services for serious websites that i intend to build a double opt in with customers that are able to spend serious money. Reason is their prices have gone up since my early days (has it been 10 years??) in online business and a double opt in rate further filters out many subscribers. So those that do make it to my double opt in lists are treated to videos, tips, downloads and alot of good stuff. Give before we recommend something is always a good idea because this increases sales exponentially. And since its now most expensive to play the huge numbers subscriber game with Getresponse and Aweber, I’ve found working with high value customers more worthwhile. (think  marketing toyotas to a mass audience compared to selling high end bentleys to a notable clientele).

Another thing to note is GR and AW will come down hard on anyone they percieve to be spamming their audience with shady affiliate offers. So someone promoting in the wrinkle free lotion, or teeth whitening, or pay day loans niche… with enough spam complaints, the account will be shut down. So its important to back up one’s list from time to time. (every 2 months or so), and offer value. (genuine solutions to problems in a niche)

Hope these tips help!

To your success!

Sherman Choo

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