Essential Secrets To Clickbank…

Essential Secrets To Clickbank…

When it comes to making money with Clickbank, its important to know how to choose the right products. The simplest way is to spend some time and effort to run through every clickbank product that you like. The reason for this is because some new products are not marketed yet.

If you can find them, these are potential gold mines just waiting for someone to exploit them.

I personally don’t sell everything on Clickbank. So some products that are doing very well there, I may have missed out and others may be cashing in on them right this minute.

So don’t think that everybody knows what is selling well, because there is a limit to everybody’s time and no one person can sell everything in the whole wide internet.

There is enough market for everyone to do well.

Just find a subject you like, search through the market place, and look for a few good products with a website that shows its creator stands behind his product, then just test it with some PPC quickly to see if it converts.

At 1st, you don’t want to buy a domain name to sell a product, especially a new one you’re not sure at all converts. So just head on down to and sign up with a blog. Then post something about the product, a problem followed by a solution, the clickbank product being the solution.

Send the PPC traffic and if lady luck is on your side, you will earn anywhere from $30 to $80 a day. No one really knows if a new product will tank or soar.


If you’re in the game long enough, there is a certain awareness you will start to develop which tells you that a certain product will convert.

If it does, then scale up the promotional efforts and watch the cash roll in to your bank account.

~All the best!

Sherman Choo

PS: My friend Keith and I have created a cool video here, check it out >>

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