Getting a Good Adwords Quality Score, Copying and Conversion.

Getting a Good Adwords Quality Score, Copying and Conversion.

Especially for Adwords, the main page requires unique content or otherwise modified content that mean the same thing, never word for word with another PPC landing page.

By producing unique and about 500-1000 word content on your domain main page, you will almost never get google slapped. And by that I mean paying $8 to $15.00 bids. The google review team will often look over your main domain page to see if its some cookie cutter site, comparing it with another landing page on the Adwords PPC network advertising for the same keyword.

If it does resemble, your keywords will be hit by $8.00 – $15.00, while the original site gets the low bids.

Google understands that people who pay for clicks must generate some sort of revenue. So while they want advertisers, they can’t have 20 advertisers advertising the same message word for word.

Imagine a searcher clicking on 8 ads and visiting landing pages that are exact copies of each other. Because the ad is most of the time different, the searcher’s expecation on clicking the ad would be a landing page providing content that is different, a contrasting view perhaps.

When he finds its similar to the last few ads, the user will click the back button to search for another opinion.

This act is called a bounce, the higher the bounce rate, the worst it is for a PPC advertiser. It means that the searcher did not find something unique enough that met his/her expectations. That’s 3 seconds of his time he’ll never get back.

Google is required to give the audience a unique perspective, and if we can present an idea written with the user in mind, we will get rewarded with quality Google traffic.

How To Measure Bounce Rate

Adwords provides a tool called Analytics, you can sign up for it within your Adwords account, then install a piece of Analytics code on your site. In minutes, you will see the data and improve your site from there, effectively reducing your bounce rate.

$0.08 Bids and the Content Network

TIP: Even though we might get a great quality score leading to $0.08 bids, we can’t necessarily bid $0.08 on the sponsored search if the competition for that keyword is high (around $2.85 a click). It does mean however, that our ad can now show up for that keyword in sites on the content network that have less competition. So if you can get $0.08 quality score, use this advantage to go for the less competitive keywords and target the content network.

The Adwords content network has a quality score. If you find that your keywords are $15.00 a click, then your ad will not show up for those keywords on the content network.

And by the way, the new Adwords interface is making the Content network exceptionally delicious right now. So if you haven’t done so, now is the time to switch to the new Adwords interface and turn on content targeting. I personally had my qualms switching over because the beta interface loading was slow and its not compatible with IE8 at time of writing.

Its since improved so now’s a good time to be playing around with it and getting a piece of the "content" network cash.

If You Must Copy..

To end of today, lets talk about being a "Photocopy affiliate".

If we’re tempted to copy a $100 – $500 per day PPC campaign, then don’t do it in the same network as where you saw the ad, landing page etc. Take that concept and go somewhere else, where the oceans are blue and there is less competition and plenty of fish who haven’t yet seen your bait.

Outside MSN, Yahoo and Google, there are 100s of junk PPC ad networks and at least 16 good PPC networks that you can "duplicate" campaigns and be the 1st in, enjoying the high conversions and all the expensive toys these conversions will give you.

You will want to be careful before investing time and money into these other networks and we’ll talk more about this in the next post.

Till then, stay profitable!


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