Global Domains International Email Consultation Till July End 2008

Global Domains International Email Consultation Till July End 2008

*Thanks for your questions, I’ve answered all queries by email. Offer Closed Till Further Notice*

From 26th July to the end of this month, I am open to take questions
contributing to the growth of member’s in your GDI (Global Domains International) downline.

If you need help in growing your GDI downline to refer 100s automatically or
if you don’t have more then 10 or 15 people in GDI, this will help you.

I will compile a list of good questions and answer them individually
by return email or blog.

1. A good question would be,
-Which countries should I focus on when targeting prospects via PPC
-When should I increase the cost of my keywords?
-How much are you bidding on so and so keyword?
(It shows that some homework has been done.)

2. A not-so-good question would be something generic,"How do I grow my GDI downline?"
(Because of time restrictions, I have to pass on this. I do recommend going through
the resources already available.)

Send your questions to shermansecret (at) with SUBJECT: GDI GROWTH
Lastly, this is open only to the AII team until the end of July 2008.

All the best to your internet business.

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