Global Domains International Is Great!

//Global Domains International Is Great!

Global Domains International Is Great!

I think of many affiliate programs online, GDI or Global Domains International has a fantastic affiliate program. There is nothing on the internet that is as low risk, as easy, and high reward paying as GDI.

And you can market this business online as well as offline.

Offline folks, offline Network Marketers who aren't very savvy to Internet Marketing love this program because it solves many problems they have.

  • No selling
  • No phone calls
  • No meeting up
  • No asking people to go down
  • No inventory
  • Make money even when not doing anything
  • Low cost

Offline marketers are dazzled by wonders of Internet Marketing, and rightfully so since you can be playing golf and still be earning a huge passive income online.

You don't have to be some super internet guru that knows about tracking, outsourcing, hiring, Adwords savvy to be rich on the internet. In fact with just some modest effort in the right direction, GDI allows you to passively earn an extra USD1000 in 30 days or less.

Why I like Global Domains International…

1. Customer support and Fast Payouts

The great thing about GDI is the customer support and fast payouts. Support is quick and handled in 24 hours. I had an incident when my check was not received, almost immediately the next day, it was cashed into my PayPal account. You never have to chase for your money. It always arrives like clockwork, and if there was an occasional hiccup, it is solved quickly.

2. Low Cost Business Riving That Off a $1,000,000 Offline Real Estate Rental.

The low cost of GDI is superb. In order to earn $5000 every month in real estate, one needs to invest in a $1mil condomenium then rent it out. In GDI, you just need to refer 100 then allow those 100 to refer 100, and you make $10,000 recurring, and that's just the 2nd level. GDI pays all the way to 5 levels. So even if some folks don't do anything, its cool cause there're plenty other folks in your 100 personally referred downline that will. You can't help everyone, Focus on helping those that have proven themselves.

$1,000,000 condomenium => $5,000 income each month

$10 GDI internet business => $5,000 – $10,000 income each month

So if you have $1,000,000 and want to use it to earn $5K rent each month, that's great. Any income that is passive is good. If you have $10 and want to build a stable income of $5K, go with GDI and let as many people as you can know about it.

Marketing Global Domains International

You don't have to sell GDI forever. Some products you sell once, you gotta figure out a way to sell it again. In GDI, you just need to refer 100, then allow those 100 to refer 100. Of course if you're a go getter and want to refer 10000 alone, that's fine, but, its a good idea to coach your team and leave a blueprint of your success so that they can copy it. Share the secrets to GDI and allow them to benefit. And if you have a secret resource that allows you to connect with a cold market, wow, keep that as in house as possible.

1. Free and Slow?

If you read about folks not doing well with GDI, it just means they're not letting people know about GDI. Or they're not reaching out to people around them. Don't fish in saturated areas. A free way is to share GDI with your warm market. But before you share, talk and act successful, be positive always. (If you're someone that has a habit of phrasing sentences in a negative way, then be aware, and change it). If your friends already think lowly of you because you haven't had much success in life, then network and make new friends. Only this time, network and have a mental model of success in your own mind.

Then once you've found success and driving that new car, market GDI to your old friends. Business and friendship is different. Your friends might be there in your time of trouble, but they may not be the best people to be in your business team. Likewise, your teammates might be good business buddies, but they may not be there for you in your times of trouble. Keep things mutually exclusive. Some singers are not successful in their own countries, they find creative means to make their mark overseas as a foreign talent, before coming home to sell to their own countrymen. Be aware of this mental model and do the same.

2. Advertising For Fast Returns

If you can afford paid advertising, go for it. All businesses advertise, you'll want to do the same to grow an GDI business quickly.

3. Go all out to do JV's with other successful Network Marketers or Internet Business Owners

People that are already successful have a huge database of contacts. Go all out to grab these folks, they will greatly benefit you.

Marketing Psychology

When you share offline, think of when you're telling a friend about a movie. You share it freely, just do the same for GDI. Share it without any preconceived notion of how they will react. Give them a GDI name card and move on. Some folks will love the idea, others won't, or forget to take action. Don't worry about it. Just move on.

An offline story

I don't normally share GDI offline, and often forget to talk about it within my circle. But I shared GDI with one offline network marketer who is sorta an Internet Marketing newbie. He shares GDI with his own people offline. And the thing is, he makes an effort to remember to mention it and is genuinely excited about it. He referred 7 in just 3 days or less.

So I decided maybe I should do the same, offline.

Here's how I share it. (This is a real conversation)

Me: By the way, here's my business card.

Them: Wow! Nice Ferrari!

Me: Yeah, haha

Them: What is this?

Me: Its an internet business, you can earn USD2K each week by referring 100 people. if they each refer 100 like you, then you earn $10,000 each month, automatically, recurring.

Them:Great idea, i've heard of this internet stuff before. Just never figured how it works.

Me: There's a video there, go and watch it. The checks will appear at your home.

Them: ok, I will.

That's it. Offline people are just so receptive to making money online. GDI is low cost and lucrative. Plus its website allows you to host any niche business you want. So other then the webhosting, if you want to get into niche marketing, you can use the product to host your niche business.

If You Were in GDI and Not Successful

If you were before in GDI and not successful, here's a few things you can do.

  • Change your marketing angle.
  • Change your communication style.Talk like someone that can help others.
  • Use the tools GDI provides you. Too lazy to create your own name card, buy it from GDI.

People that will probably earn only $1.00 a month with GDI.

1. Cold Callers

Cold calling to sell GDI is just plain unproductive. Some spend 1 hour on GDI using en Masse advertising and earn $1000s in bonus cash and $100s – $1,000s of recurring passive income, others spend 7 hours banging the phone and earn $1.00.

2. Thumb Twiddler

Some folks just sign up and don't market. If you don't market and share you won't make money. Entrepreneurship is all about marketing. De Beers diamonds started the "A Diamond Is Forever" marketing campaign and it boosted sales of diamonds when women decided that men needed to buy a diamond to pledge their love.

3. Poor Communicator

If you don't speak well, here's the good part. The GDI video will sell and explain everything for you.

Since there are many teams in GDI, often the best secrets are kept in house by the respective teams. Discover the best ways to share (share, not sell, there is difference) Global Domains International , then let your leaders know. The leaders like all super affiliates will reveal themselves.

To your success in Global Domains International


PS: If you're not doing well in GDI, probably the worse thing you can do is to go to a forum and mingle with folks that have failed in GDI. Don't brand yourself as someone that has failed. Whatever you write will get indexed by Google and you'll be branded as a failure for a long time unless you change your name. Run as quickly as you can from folks that have no success and network your way into the successful internet business circles that already drive BMWs or live in nice bungalows and condomeniums. They can help you turn Global Domains International into a success!


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