Google Adwords Cash – Keywords That Convert To Sales

//Google Adwords Cash – Keywords That Convert To Sales

Google Adwords Cash – Keywords That Convert To Sales

Here's a tip that I hope will help you earn alot of money from the PPC search engines.

When you search Google Adwords for keywords that convert, not all of them will be profitable for you. This is because many of these keywords, generate traffic but not sales.

Sales keywords are often "keywords that solve problems"

Here are examples of keywords that will make you money.

  • "where to buy gout cholcocine"
  • "best golf instructional video"
  • "how to play golf"
  • "remove virus from computer"

These long tail keywords often have very little traffic according to the keyword tools. But, they will generate sales for very low cost, and the ROI is often quite high. The only way to discover these "seemingly" unimportant keywords is through PPC and 3rd party tracking.

This is because Adwords itself will not tell you what exactly what keyword it was that converted. For example, google adwords can tell you that "golf video" made you a sale, but the actual keyword might be "golf video for dummies". If you now target "golf video for dummies" you can do away with "golf video free downloads" that generate clicks but no sales.

Hope this helps ya earn at least $5,000 next month!

~ Sherman

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