Google Adwords Quality Score Insights

//Google Adwords Quality Score Insights

Google Adwords Quality Score Insights

Imagine a new adwords advertiser with a keyword quality score of 7 after loading up a campaign while your ad has a similar keyword quality score of 7 as well.

If the advertiser's ad is new, his domain is new, Adwords will charge him $1.67.

If you have good adwords account history, you'll only need to pay just $0.43.

So if you' come across an advertiser that's supposedly paying for premium position for a premium keyword, don't assume he's paying $2.00 a click.

You and I as new comers wanting to advertise for that premium keyword may have to pay that amount. The current advertisor may already have sufficient good credit score built with adwords and only paying peanuts for a premium keyword, allowing profits of $15,000 – $30,000 every month.

With that said, let's dive into today's discussion and how to achieve the same.

1. The Quality of A Landing Page

A good landing page must provide relevant information once the searcher clicks on the ad. In other words, if possible, no extra action is required to gain what was advertised on the Adwords ad.

Try putting ourselves into the shoes of a seacher who is typing that keyword into Google, he's probably searching for infromation to solve a need. If you site can provide that solution, your bid will be very cheap, even if your webpage is just a single webpage with little content.

For those who like to build a list, be sure to have the opt in box somewhere further down the page and more content on top, a preview of what they can expect to receive if they subscribe.

Myths about landing page quality score debunked: Some blogs, coaching courses mention its a requirement to have privacy policy, terms and conditions, contact us at the bottom of and adwords landing page.

This is not so.

I've experienced simple thin but highly relevant site for premium keywords on the 1st page of google with very low bids. Think $1.65 compared to $0.45 for highly competitive keywords like "insurance".

Again, so long as the information is unique and highly relevant to the searched "keyword", the thin site can still show up on the 1st page of google for premium single keywords at lower cost then long tailed keywords.

Unique relevance is the key, not bulk content. Quantity is useless if the information provided does not solve the immediate need.

2. Google Adwords Account History and Quality Score

Account history, as it builds, keyword bids will start to decrease. This is the reason why 2 keywords with 2 different display urls and similar quality score of 7 can have different bid prices, 1 much higher then the other.

  • Get A healthy CTR and low bounce rate. If visitors are often clicking on your ad and staying on the site, that's good news. It indicates relevancy.

3. Google Adwords Sandbox

If you get a 3 for your quality score, you're in trouble no matter which way you look at it. To have a fighting change, the QS should be at least 7.

Once a display URL is sandboxed by Adwords review folks, it can be quite a task to go from QS of 1 to 7. So be sure to set everything up properly 1st time. It might even be required to redo the entire website.

This requires proper keyword research and having a thorough understanding of what people need for that particular market.

I hope this helps you out.

To Your PPC Wealth!


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