Google Assassin Review

//Google Assassin Review

Google Assassin Review

Google Assassin, the sequel to Day Job Killer is developed by Chris. Since Chris's foucs is centered around Clickbank, his tools are mainly used to get that extra edge in the Clickbank marketplace. For me, since i'm mainly old school, i don't use these new tools…it takes time to learn them, besides I have my own techniques. Anyhow, I did find the Clickbank Alert somewhat interesting…Here's a screen shot of what it looks like…the Chris coined it, Google Assassin – Affiliate's Den.


This tool tells you what is up and coming in the Clickbank marketplace. Products that sell well are naturally products that are converting well with few affiliate competition. When new products are introduced to the marketplace, people don't know about them and this tool alerts you to possible gold mines. I would however recommend not to rely solely on this but do one's own homework. You will know a page converts only by doing your own testing.

 There are some interesting Google Assassin tools that help you do this such as:

  •  "The Daddy" Keyword Extractor Tool –  Used to search keywords for your PPC campaign
  • Adwords Micro-Nicher Tool – Interesting application to help you find niches that you can target with low  keyword competition. By the way, just so you know, I actually do these without the help of tools. Tools are just there to help you do it faster then me…

Although not everything Chris shares is revolutionary new, site targeting with CPM impressions is something that I think few people use. I was mulling over plans to start on that myself and testing what a good CPM was. At the very least Google Assassin gives accurate info on that which is around $2-4. Through my campaigns, Google Adwords is not as profitable as it once was, at least, it requires more work to avoid bidding $0.60 and the Google Slap, and with more work means more focused efforts to tweak landing pages…everything for maximum profits… which leaves less time to set up profitable Google Campaigns. The CPM cost for Site targeting was an insight for myself.

1 important thing, before you spend your money with the Google Assassin. Be sure to prepare a budget of $200 before trying Adwords. Chris does give you a step by step approach to Adwords, but listen to my advice, you need to rely on your own research with your own money to really succeed at Adwords.

 The other option is to do article marketing. I will tell you now Google Assassin tells you correctly how to do this. It leaves out 1 important site though… only those on my "exclusive" mailing list will get to find out 🙂

 Oh by the way, I have plans to develop a project that could be possibly more profitable then what Google Assassin offers..if that could interest you, be sure to subscribe…

For those that have readied a $200 Google Assassin's here to cont'd…

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