Google Cash Detective Review

//Google Cash Detective Review

Google Cash Detective Review

Remember the days of copying your best friends tutorials in school and college and getting As and Bs, that's what Google Cash Detective helps you do.

At this very minute, there're millions of little direct linking campaigns going on all over the internet, and Google Cash Detective was made to uncover these campaigns.

By the way, 2 essential mentions about this tool before you decide to grab the Google Cash Detective discount from here.

-This tool does cost more then its competitors, but it helps to pay a little more for results and performance.

-GCD currently does not support Yahoo and MSN or the Adwords content network, but there're plans to expand the tool features to these areas after the initial launch. So if you're still keen to get in on the ground floor, lets take a look.

1. Google Cash Detective customers can search for keywords and website addresses, or construct their own search queries with wildcard searches. For example, the following query identifies Clickbank direct links: http://*clickbank*. When you do this, you can see what other affiliates are promoting successfully over clickbank and just join in. Although there is a display url rule, but there's an easy workaround. There're videos and training that show you how to avoid going into a bidding war with another affiliate, so everyone profits, while keeping Google cool about it…

2. Customers can perform wild-card searches to find CPA/PPL campaigns and dozens of different affiliate networks. Wild card searches basically means the same as above. You'll see what CPA offers from CPA networks such as Neverblue, Azoogle, Clickbooth (Harald, Marketing Director from Clickbooth was almost deliriously happy when he saw his clickbooth links running, hear Harald giggling with glee:)) are currently running, then just cash in on the same keywords, products and ads.

3. Real-time slideshow features (similar to Apple Cover Flow) that reveal the landing pages of your fellow Pay Per Click marketers.

Tip: What this means is that not all keywords work with direct linking. For example, some keywords are compare keywords. "apple and orange compare" may be googled by a searcher. A keyword like this requires a landing page for maximum effect instead of just direct linking. The slide show allows you to see the keyword and the landing page used for maximum positive keyword ROI.

4. All Advertisements, display URLs, destination URLs and landing pages are indexed by GCD and fully searchable.

Savvy PPC Marketers often test ads to increase their CTR. Google Cash Detective allows you to see what others have spent money on to optimise for the best Ad CTR so they pay the least cost for every click. Less cost means more $$. So you can benefit off from exisiting research and just improve on the winning ad.

5. Most of the PPC Spytools I've come across make you wait until they've collected data before they're useful, so you have to wait 2 weeks to 1 month until you have useful data.

GCD is pre-loaded with keywords that already have 3 months of daily crawls and all you do is search for a keyword or URL and you receive months of historical data right at your finger tips.

If you're a PPC marketer/trader, this daily crawling, real time reporting function is important. PPC campaigns run live, we can't afford to wait 30 days before making a decision to start a PPC campaign.

6. Once you've found one profitable campaign with GCD you can easily find all of the other campaigns that advertiser has in GCD. Say you found out that Advertiser has success promoting a "dog training" product over adwords, Google Cash Detecive allows you to see what else he is promoting online in real time and just follow the keywords, landing pages, adcopy, URL type, phrase, exact or broad match.

7. Google Cash Detective operates inside multi-server cloud infrastructure, allowing you to locate advertisers that are promoting for thousands of keywords. It reveals all of the keywords – including those that produce profit, and the ones to avoid.

8. Even if a particular keyword is not being tracked, after you enter it in, Google Cash Detective begins indexing it. Learn More>>>

Chris's new GCD tool is shaping up quite nicely. I recommend you go check out what he has to offer.

~Race You To The Top 🙂


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