Google Slaps.

Google Slaps.

tanja_gompf.jpgEver had a profitable PPC campaign that was suddenly slapped with $15 bids?

This could be Google’s manual review team taking a look at your site and deciding its a thin affiliate site. Even though the site may be full of content, it can still risk a chance of getting slapped.

Here’re some things you might want to take note off before building a PPC campaign, so you can avoid the same penalty.

– Google prefers the main information to be given freely. Try not to force folks to give you opt ins before giving out information. This is to prevent companies from collecting emails and leads that selling them for profit.

– A 1 page site with no "contact us", "links" to other sites in your niche. This is a thin affiliate site.

– Certain products from CPA networks that receive bad reviews from the public, get rich quick schemes. So say you were advertising a berry and got slapped by Google even though you had a healthy content full site…its because the court of public opinion was against your offer, and Google listens to the concerns of the public over your affiliate site.

What about the content network?

From my experience, being slapped with high bids does not mean that you cannot advertise on the google "content" network using the same keywords. It just means that sponsored search will not be open to you. Not necessarily a bad thing because some sponsored keywords are so expensive these days, it makes no difference whether or not your ad was up there. And if you tried to put your ad there, you’ll end up losing money.

How to avoid losing money because of the Google Slap.

1. If you’re making so much money from Google Sponsored advertising and want to hang on to your keywords for dear life, then just move them over to Yahoo or MSN. Or give some of the lower tiered networks such as SearchFeed, or Ask a try. Just be sure to keep your keywords on second tier as TIGHT as possible. Meaning bidding on EXACT match.

2. Update your site and landing page.

3. Give a preview of information you’re giving away. For example, if you want to collect optins by giving away a free report, try giving the 1st page away free by putting the content on your landing page. Then allow the visitor to go thru the content and decide for themselves whether your content is something they need. They’ll then proceed to opt in, and Google won’t slap your sponsored search for it.

4. Prevention always better then cure. Take down any affiliate Iframes before your domain name gets slapped. Iframes can last a week or so, but will get slapped soon enough, by a manual reviewer.

There’re some black hat ways of getting round the Google slap, but we won’t touch on those. 

Hope this post helps you with ya PPC Marketing!

~To Your Internet Wealth!


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