“How do I receive money from the internet?” And Other FAQs

“How do I receive money from the internet?” And Other FAQs


1. How do I receive money from the internet?

  • You receive a check every month to your home
  • Commissions are wired into your banking account every month
  • Commissions are wired to payoneer which you withdraw cash from every month

Your banking account grows and you can pay for your mobile, electricity bills, insurance, kids education, home loan, car loan.

2. What amount would you consider as a full time income?

More then or at least equivalent to the working salary you would receive working for someone.

So if you’re receiving $5 from Adsense, or $100 a month, unfortunately that is not a full time income. Having said that a recurring $800 per month can pay off quite a number of life’s necessities.

3. Is an Internet Income stable?

Yes. And it can only keep on growing.

4. Any other tips?

Have a diverse portfolio of products focusing on the same business model. Example, if you’re into selling golf items, then establish yourself firmly into that market and offer complimentary golf items, accessories… the same way Macdonalds asks if you would like to upsize your fries to go with your happy meal. A wrong way of diversification is to sell golf, then do ebay, adsense, CPA, try to start a forum, etc…

5. How much should I aim for?

$10,000 per month is the minimum one should aim for, then keep raising the bar. Do more revenue generating activities. Example, if PPC is making you money, then expand your keyword list, tighten your ad groups etc…

All the best to your internet business!

Sherman Choo

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