How Short is Short?

How Short is Short?

I’ve seen posts about dynamic landing pages that state having a keyword on your landing page that coincides with the phrase searched in Google will decrease your Adwods Keyword cost.

I thought I qualify this statement.

In my niches outside Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, or Home Business, I have a landing page with the exact same keyword in headings at the top of the landing page, that corresponds directly to the word searched for in Google.

My Minimum Bid cost was

$15.00. That’s $15.00 per click, even if my ad is the only ad in Googles Sponsored search.

Having a $0.08 Google Adwords minimum bid is a factor of many things… just because the keyword searched by a person is on the landing page, does not mean that CPC is going to be low. Only a complete PPC package that provides a complete, unique, pre-informed experience to the viewer will provide a low Adwords cost.

The search keyword on the landing page is just a part of the low PPC cost equation. A fully packaged PPC campaign with well thought out and tweaked persuasive followups can easily earn the PPC creator a comfortable disposable online income.

Update: Afterthought

I’ve seen many Adwords courses that don’t meet the cut. Most of them cover a certain aspect of Adwords, for example the course may talk about Dymanic Keyword Insertion (DKI)…but so what? That’s nice sounding but that won’t make you money.  Adwords is just 1 link in the entire chain of successful PPC marketing, Adwords without conversion is just money in the pockets of the Search Engines.

There’s a formula to making money with Adwords. The one’s that are accurate and I personally follow are outlined here and here.

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