How To Get Traffic To A Website – And Earn $11,737/Mo Doing It

How To Get Traffic To A Website – And Earn $11,737/Mo Doing It

Most sites have little traffic going to their websites, or not as much as they would like. In fact , you need only need as little as 15-40 real visitors a day to earn an internet income of $1,000 per month online. Then just by ramping up the traffic, we can expect to experience a proportional revenue increase.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

If I were to do Search Engine Optimisation, the 1st page would normally be a landing page. The subsequent pages would be either a blog, article pages with the main keywords that I want to target on each specific page. A website with just a few pages can rank very well even if there is not much article content. If the site offers a real service, and good user experience, you can expect Google to have it indexed on the 1st page.

2. Pay Per Click Marketing

This is one of my personal favourites. There are many subjects written on how to go about using Pay Per Click marketing or PPC. PPC includes Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bidvertiser, Adbrite. Adwords actually has a course for this if you’re interested to become an Adwords Qualified Professional. PPC generates both expenses as well as revenue. You will need a good business model before spending money on PPC.

3. Article Marketing

Article Marketing can be tied in with SEO. In fact, you can get your site indexed very quickly, just by writing a few articles and having a few article directory links pointing back to your site. Share your knowledge with others by writing bite size, digestable articles and Google will index the content quickly.

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