How To Get Traffic To Your Site?

How To Get Traffic To Your Site?

There are many ways to get traffic to a site. The fastest of which is paid advertising. In my view most beginners don’t want (or don’t dare) to pay for online traffic. 6 figure earners are willing to pay for traffic because this allows a quick way to test their advertising message, which contributes quickly back to their income.

"You could say the rich get richer and the normal…stay the same…"

Its cost efficient to budget $50 to test an ad copy, then to spend 14 days getting into the indexed pages of Google and Yahoo. And even after your pages get indexed, there will be another long wait as you struggle to get repeat visits and eyeballs to your website.

Copy writing is an interesting skill. Though we can’t be 100% sure of one person’s reaction to a message or communication, we can with a frightening degree of certainty predict the proportion of folks, that will react to a piece of communication. Say 100 people read your message, 2 persons take action, that’s a 2% conversion rate and you can demand similar results everytime 100 "TARGETED" folks read the same information.

Paid advertising can get 100s of targeted people to see your message over a few days. We then set up a "PPC tracking campaign". From there, you can check you sales profits versus cost in just days…

I often do this for new websites, and track my results with scripting to understand where the traffic is coming from. This is important because then we can understand what makes money and what does not.

Anyway..will share more on this when time opens up… meanwhile give PPC a try…because it works!

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