Mindset and Income Goals

Mindset and Income Goals

When securing an “income from home”, we need to have a short term and a long term income goal in place.

– Short term goals allow you to sustain for at least a year. The income one should expect from a short term goal should be in the $xxx,xxx range for the 1st year. This income won’t last forever. Things move really fast on the internet. Back in the day, it wasn’t too hard to just slap some traffic with an offer and become a millionaire in a year or less. Those that aimed really high, still have incomes to this day. There’re also those who have gone back to day jobs after the easy money dried up and changes in compliance by the main stream traffic providers.

– Having a long term goal, means planning a year in advance what you intend to achieve. However, you can’t have any long term goals without securing the immediate future. They both go hand in hand. Having a long term goal, 2-3 years into the future will set you up comfortable with the car you dreamed of and the home you’ve always wanted.

– When making $500 a day profit, that comes to $15,000 a month. That’s pretty decent money. However, rather then go all out to spend it, re-invest that money back into new ventures. If that means living on $1500 a month, with no car.. so be it. Save the cash and live like a pauper even though you know your bank account is flushed with cash. In a tight economy, cash is king. When property goes south, you’ll be glad to have saved that internet monies and have the ability to invest in valued low priced assets where rent is at least 0.4% of the purchase price.

– Once you have found success, contribute some of that success to other successful people. Leveraging on others strengths, research, networks, partnerships, you hedge the risk of failure. However, to get into the club of successful people, you need to have something to bring to the table. Short term success allows a foot into that door.

– Build out your business. As a marketer there’re so many ways to diversify. This can range from learning about multiple traffic sources, to branching out into physical products of your own. The permutations are endless. The best part is, as a Professional Marketer, the ball is always in your court because Marketers are the ones that bring in the $$$$.

Will share more in the near future… keep plugging!

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