Internet Money Making Systems for 2014

Internet Money Making Systems for 2014

For many youths in their teens or 20’s, the internet is the new “Wall Street”, provided one makes an effort to learn, are willing to get into the mud be FOCUSED and grind it out.

There are many ways to make your 1st million online, yet the most important is FOCUS, especially if you’re a 1 man army working from a laptop.

-Affiliate Marketing ($150,000 a year PROFITS is attainable)

-Your own Niche Websites ($300,000 a year PROFITS is attainable)

-Mobile Marketing (From my tests, the mainstream media i’m used to such as Adwords doesn’t support some of the best HIGH CONVERTING offers that the mobile network company provides. In other words, your account can get SUSPENDED for running mobile offers. Exercise caution and never mix Mobile advertising campaigns with other campaigns. I’ve heard that some mobile affiliates do $20,000 a DAY, thus far, I’ve not been able to confirm this myself, as I’ve not achieved this nor do I know anyone personally who does.)

-Crypto currency Mining (this is the exciting part)

Here’s a new internet money making scheme that you may have heard off but unsure if it works. And i will talk more about this in the new year 2014 where crpyto currency is the craze.

If you were into BITCOIN mining early in 2009, then now in 2014, you’d probably are multi millionaire in your 20’s, sitting on your bitcoin millions.

Bitcoin at one time was worth just $0.30, then it went up to $20, and at and 2013, shot up to $1000 per bitcoin.

China tried to stamp out bitcoin by limiting its citizens from changing Ren Min Bi to Bitcoin, thus bringing the value to $500 overnight.

about a month later, Bitcoin climbed back to and started to hover around the $800 to $1000 range.

In 2015, who knows what the Bitcoin value will be, upwards I guess? or Tulip Bubble Mania. Time will tell, although for me, I feel its gonna be around and longevity means bitcoin should at the very least maintain its value.

So what does that mean to us, the work at home guy (or gal).

Bitcoin mining requires specialised equipment. So yes, we are kinda late to the game.  Too late in fact. And i don’t recommend mining bitcoins.

The solution would be to look elsewhere and mine ALTERNATIVE Crypto Currencies then TRADE them for BITCOINS.

However, also know that many of these alternative currencies are simply here today, and gone tomorrow. I’ve mined my fair share of these weird coins.

So far, the best ALT currency I’ve mined is Litecoin and a newer one DOGECOIN.

At time of writing, DOGECOIN’s value has tripled in value in 2 months since I started mining this. It still has a long way to go to get to $1 a DOGECOIN, but if you start early and have a long term positive outlook on ALT CYPTO CURRENCIES, in 2 years, who knows what may happen. And besides, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to mine coins. Simply set up and let run.

At the very least, you should be able to break even and you’ll have the LATEST MOST powerful new gaming computer paid for with Crypto Currencies.More soon…

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