Internet Marketing and $20,000 a month

Internet Marketing and $20,000 a month

I’m writing this from China, Liaoning. Gonna be here for 2 months. Here’s a quick itenary.

1. China, Shenyang

2. China Guangzhou

3. Hong Kong

4. China, Shenzhen or maybe shanghai?

5. Singapore for the Chinese New Year

6. United States, New York (March maybe?)

Pay Per View Traffic

Its snowing here as im writing this. Looks like my affilate manager got changed, and the new affiliate manger does hv some good insights on PPV traffic. The basic idea for PPV is that you scrape domain names based on keywords in your niche and bid on those.

Sometimes you can go very broad and when you hit a certain keyword that generates a ton of traffic that converts for your offer, then its $500 a day on autopilot. That is until competition comes in, then there might be a bidding war.. So that’s the pros and cons of PPV traffic in a nutshell.

Pay Per Click

Many affiliates have probably lost their income when Google sacked all their accounts. I was one of them spanked hard, however, lucky im one of those where the harder im spanked, the faster I bounce back, aka the bouncy ball syndrome.

I now have 10 Adwords accounts back online and on standby because you never know when Google Adwords is going to smack you. Another way is to give Bing a try. Bing and Yahoo now are working together so its going to take some hands on to understand this platform. The traffic is decent, and if you get into the right niches, you can still get a ton of traffic from here and convert them with related offers.

Social Traffic

Here we talk about facebook traffic. There was a facebook manager tool that Mark Zuckerberg and team have decided to axe. I tried facebook and yes, the traffic converts. However, it requires tools to allow you to split test rigorously because you can’t show your ads to every female in that platform and hope to profit. I’ll be having to develop a facebook tool if I intend to swap my traffic to here on a heavy adspend basis. (facebook tool currently in progress)
If you like to earn about $20,000 per month from anywhere in the world, then get good in just 1 platform of traffic. its enough to get you to $500-$1000 a day. Good luck!

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