Keywords That Will Generate Sales For You…

//Keywords That Will Generate Sales For You…

Keywords That Will Generate Sales For You…

Have you ever plugged keywords generated by keyword tools into Yahoo, MSN, and Google Adwords and found that none of them converted to sales for you?

Hopefully this post helps you get a good idea of keywords that convert.

Here are a couple of Keywords that will qualify your visitors for you as well as earn $400 to $1K per week.

Example of "keywords that solve problems":

  • Nasal Decongestant
  • How To Hit The Driver
  • Medicine for Gout
  • Buy Gout cholchocine online
  • Best golf instruction video

Most of these keywords will not appear in any word tracking tool, or come across as having very low search traffic. So they're perceived as non-valuable. They can only be found if you are versed in PPC and 3rd party tracking. 3rd party tracking because this tells you the exact keyword that was used to generate a sale 🙂

So instead of "golf instruction" you will get the entire phrase "golf instruction video for newbies". So now you can bid for the keyword "golf instruction video for newbies".

There are so many problems in the world to solve, and just by  helping people find the product that solves their problems, you can earn a quick check online.

Happy earning!

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