Looking Back at 2009, Now 2010!

//Looking Back at 2009, Now 2010!

Looking Back at 2009, Now 2010!

For all online internet business owners, starting out as an Entreprenuer is mostly a lonely road.

If my experience and others who have started their own niche business is anything to go by, it always starts with a dream. Whether it be working at your own time, working from anywhere in the world, waking at 10am while everyone is rushing to work, or just plain getting financially well in just under a year.

Once we have made up our mind, we sling a backpack over our shoulders and start walking.

Those that finally make it, usually stand out as leaders in their own vertical. If someone decides to go deep into a vertical such as property, modded cars, professional travel blogger, online mlm, dating, they will earn more then most of their peers.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves, it will not only take an understanding from your family, it takes endurance to last the race. 

It also takes desire, alot of it.

Desire and initative is something that cannot be taught. It must be felt.

We learn best and have the best odds of success when we WANT to do something. No one in life ever succeeds without initative. or without WANTING something bad enough to do whatever it takes to succeed.

For quick candid illustration purpose, are you the rooster taking that plunge or everyone else…?

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My journey started out similar to the movie "Pursuit of Happyness" (thats happiness with a Y). Except instead of a bone density scanner, I was marketing flush valves. On top of that, I was involved in various business pursuits that did not yield much fruit.

Then i got involved in network marketing, then online network marketing.

It was from here that I got versed in TRAFFIC GENERATION and then PAID ADVERTISING.

This fundamental skill set is what I feel, personally, was the turning point in my own life. Its a subject i enjoy very very much.

Whats more important. especially at the beginning, was believing that I would make it.

While it may sound romantic, the truth is, the journey for me and other close buds that i've met in my industry is anywhere from 3 to 6 years just trying to figure out what really works online. During those years. no one knows how long the tunnel is, and how long more we'll be out there wandering in the dark.

For the luckier ones, you will find that if you meet the right people, good folks who recognise your honest efforts, your success can come very much quicker.

Then when we find that light at the end of the tunnel, we all share an experience that is uniquely ours and yet able to emphatise with what each other has gone through.

It's a quiet happiness that really can't be described, only felt. Some may express it over a quiet beer, others may clap their hands and shout "EUREKA!", some choose to express their joy by bringing their family out for a good meal, the people that have stood by them for so long.

This new 2010, if you haven't made a decision to start your own online business, think carefully why you want to do this. Each and every individuals experience is unique, and you too will have your own reasons.

Whatever it is, I hope that reason gives you the strength to purse your own happyness, and more importantly, you will find whatever your heart wishes for this 2010. The online internet sphere is filled with Gold, and anyone with a spade can mine their share of it.

Just start digging.

I wish you all the success this 2010!


PS: look out for my tips to come that'll help your business this new year!

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