Make Money Blogging – Is that the best way?

Make Money Blogging – Is that the best way?

For most people who are sole owners of their own internet business, blogging is a way to generate an income, where the expense are low, and you only need good writing skills and a free blog from Blogs can be monetised by putting banners and paid advertisements on the top and side.  A blogs purpose allows you to connect with an audience that have immense interest in your thoughts and sharings.

Platforms you can blog with:

Blogger: This is a free service from The layout is very easy to use and you can monetise the blogs with Google’s Adsense. Registering for Adsense is as simple as visiting Copy down your Publisher ID and insert it into your blog. This will allow advertising to appear on your blog based on the content you’ve written.

WordPress: This is an example of a WordPress blog. WordPress has many plug-ins you can use to enhance your blog. It has also many designs and themes you can choose from. Some themes are pre loaded with money making adsense advertising. WordPress is best used with a domain. Usually when you purchase a domain and webhosting, you’ll be able to install wordpress on your website. So say if my website is, then I can install the default wordpress blog from my hosting cpanel, and later ftp some new templates to my theme folder. WordPress is a little more advanced then Blogger.
While blogs can make one money, not many will reach a 5 figure income from blogging alone. Blogs should be used as a medium of communication where you can offer tips and advice for customers in your niche. To get repeat visits to your blog, you’ll need a mailing list of folks in your niche. By combining a blog with a mailing list, that will greatly enhance your income.

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