Newbies Guide To Making Money With Clicks

//Newbies Guide To Making Money With Clicks

Newbies Guide To Making Money With Clicks

I recently got a copy of the Adsense Big system and set it up. You can find the case study site here. What this does is to combine many articles of the same subject into 1 navigable site. The ads that appear on the left are Adsense Ads. Everytime a click is made on the Ads, you will earn a commission anywhere from $0.11 to $0.30.

Total time to setup: 1 hour

1) You'll need the adsense website package

2) You'll need a domain name and webhosting

3) The Adsense "pub – …" ID gotten from Google Adsense

Total time to get traffic: 1 hour

2) Since this is a generic site, monetised by traffic and clicks, you'll need to use a traffic leeching method because it allows you to earn in the shortest time possible. The traffic methods outlined in Adsense Big will do the trick. As your traffic starts to build, your income will increase. Its just a numbers game.

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    I stumbled upon your blog while i'm looking for "top autoresponder". Your blog is in top 10 for this search. well done!

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    Thanks Ken 🙂

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