Online Marketing Tips

Online Marketing Tips

These are the kinda problems the higher then average earners will face. If you’re doing $500 to $1000 a day, that’s good, then there’re some that do $5000 per day, even better then.

1. Accounts Get Banned – There’s been a major clean up over at Google Adwords. The life time ban from using the google platform has affected MANY online marketers. It does not only affect those that run the google biz type of ads, those that run poor quality acai ads, funky rebills as an affiliate are also hit. For most affiliates that have lost their adwords account, getting back into the adwords game requires tons of new credit cards, and learning how to clear cookies from your computer. Not for the faint hearted.. 

But if you have a campaign with Adwords that’s earning $1000 per day, its worthwhile to get back in to the game with the big G. If you’re new to online marketing, try using MSN and Yahoo instead, get some exposure there before tackling the Google giant.

2. Campaigns Get Deleted – This happened to a friend. He was an overachiever and created 10,000 keywords in 1 day in a span of 12 hours. Along came an admin who deleted the entire campaign and banned the acccount.

3. Leads Get Shaved – This happens in the CPA marketing industry. The most one can do is write in to the network and trust they’ll look out for your interest by crediting you with leads that were lost. Most of the time, you can expect a return of 1/3 of the actual sales that was lost.

4. Competition – Where there is dough to be made, there’ll be competition. Folks that don’t think out of the box will find it hard to compete against professional marketers that monitor their online marketers 24/7.

How To Skip Over The Obstacles…Quickly.

1. Lower your acqusition cost

Never bid high and bring the bid down. For most new to online marketing, this is sucidal, you can find yourself $1000 in debt in just 3 days if you’re bidding $2.00 per click, no matter how profitable that keyword may be. Let go of that keyword in that particular traffic source and use it on another advertising platform. Start with as low bid as possible and increase your bids from there.

2. Diversifying your traffic source by observing

Simply put, if you only know how to use Google adwords, you’re basically building a $20,000 per month income on shaky ground. Give other advertising networks a try. Most of the good advertising networks that are earning $1000 per day are usually kept private. You’ll want to keep a lookout for ads that are showing and for how long, then go into that traffic source and see if you can get a share of the pie. Try to go for networks that allow you to bid as low as possible to get your listing up.

3. Network with other online successful marketers

You can either network with top online marketers or drive some traffic to a CPA networks, get to know someone in the game who notices your efforts and brings you under their wing. If someone successful is willing to personally guide you, I can guarantee that your learning curve will be as short as it comes and that magical $1000 a day isn’t too far away.

4. Tracking your conversions

As an online marketer, you live and die by conversions. If the traffic you bring does not convert, it could either be a bad presell, a bad offer, bad traffic source or all of the above. Generally, experienced online marketers already know which traffic sources are good, so that usually is not the concern. The main concern is with the offer itself. The best way to solve this is rotate 3 offers and see which one converts better. Once your stats tell you which is the better offer to promote, let go of the other 2 and promote the one that is doing well.

5. Try new niches!

There’s some niches i’m in that are totally off the beaten track. They having nothing to do with the 5-6 verticals that are lucrative and have the most competition. There’re some niches that are known only to your geography. If you can put out good content for that niche and drill down deep enough, Google Adwords is gonna love you for it and that’s always a good step toward that magical $1000 per day income.

6. Build a database

Database building is important, you’ll need to budget $25 a month for this service. If you’re thinking of being a super online earner that makes his living anywhere in the world, you need to have this skill. Having a database allows you to get in touch with folks that have similar interest to your topic and allows you to notify them of new products in that niche. The best part is, often you don’t need to sell anyone on the product. They’re already interested in that particular topic so the sale comes easy.

More to share next year! Till then, Have a great new year and many merry christmas greetings!


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  2. Yolanda December 28, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    I agree 100 percent with having to Diversify your promotion. Google is good I mean come on they are Google, But using different sources such as jivox and ca-sale media are awesome tools as well.

    We always gotta try new things in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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