An Email From Someone Who Spent $1000s Online…

An Email From Someone Who Spent $1000s Online…

I woke up to a snowy morning herein Greater China and read this email from a subscriber.

Massod has been searching for a way to earn his 1st dollar online. He has paid $1000s of dollars to learn online marketing and yet to see any return.


Subscriber Email


Dear Mr.Sherman

After seeing this video online, now iam completely conviced. and now i know who you are.

Iam sorry for the past email i replied u. i wrote it thinking that i was getting scammed.
but after reading this attached email, now iam completely conviced about xxxxx, and iam ready to work with you.
and from this attached email, i have come to know that we have good people somewhere online like you.

In the beginning i landed on bad people,who ended up scamming me from A to Z,until all my credit cards went down to zero.
but now i have got the right person to deal with. thanks alot mr.sherman.

Kindly keep emailing about,and continue teaching me all the lessons.
iam ready to catch up.
now i know what xxxx is. the video has opened my eyes.

Thanks mr.sherman.

Anxiously waiting to hear from you


Mr M


The gist to making money online boils down to 1 simple thing.

Build a List, say about 100 opt ins a day.

If you can get about 100 opt ins a day, i guarantee you will make at least $100 a day.

To Your Success,


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  1. sandeep November 20, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    Dear sir,
    I want to create a free website if it is possible with contents and with adsense and with more traffic please help me
    Thank you

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