Pay Per Click Marketing – How To Write Good Ads

//Pay Per Click Marketing – How To Write Good Ads

Pay Per Click Marketing – How To Write Good Ads

If your Ad is good, your CTR will be high. There will be a good number of clicks on your Ad, and Google will show your Ad more often , often for cheaper clicks. However, because this requires a gestation period, its not possible to have your ad showing on the front page of Google without building up some account history.

Just like in MLM, its good to be the 1st one in. If you're advertising a certain keyword that is highly lucrative, then being the 1st to grab that keyword, allows you more clicks before other merchants/affiliates hop on the bandwagon. In this way, you will grab positive account history before others do. And once your "CTR" reputation has built up and you're now paying low bids per click, others that decide to use the same keyword, will need to build up their account history for that keyword and by this time, the keyword will often cost more then what you paid for it early on.

The early Pay Per Click bird gets the Commission worm!

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