Pay Per Click Marketing- Monday’s, If You’re Making Money, You Are Making Money…

Pay Per Click Marketing- Monday’s, If You’re Making Money, You Are Making Money…

Ever wondered if a paid advertising campaign was working and whether to continue or stop the campaign? If you’re ever in such a scenario, the campaign is breaking even or just slightly profitable, and that’s not a good place to be when doing PPC.

I’ll describe a couple of things you can do as well as typical scenarios.

1. Delete all the keywords that are too expensive. ($0.50, $0.90, $1.50 onwards) 

If you cannot afford to bid on expensive keywords, don’t force yourself to. 90% of the other advertisers are probably suffering. In niches im in, I do have a mental recollection (PPC Bully does help) of which ads are new and which ads have vanished. Most of the ads bidding for expensive keywords will vanish in less then 7 days. Even those will good conversions will end in 20 days.

There’re 2 kinds of expensive keywords.

Type A: Expensive because that keyword is popular. Everyone thinks its a great keyword.

Type B: Expensive because the landing page and domain display is considered low quality.

We can’t control Type A. We can control Type B. There is no excuse to not make an effort to produce good results with Type B keywords.

Which brings us to…quality score

2. A Good Quality Score on Adwords is the most important thing in Pay Per Click Marketing.

Adwords Quality Score from my POV.

  • 6 and below isn’t a good quality score. (note: you still can get impressions and clicks for a QS from 5 to 6 even though you’re not on the 1st page)
  • 7 to 10 is what I deem acceptable and will produce a good roi.

A Google Adwords quality score of 4 and a quality score of 7 is a big difference and will affect your ROI drastically. Make extra effort to get a good quality score because without this, the campaign is almost doomed to fail in PPC. You can of course venture into other areas of advertising, but if you wanna do PPC on Google and get a rich profits PPC campaign going, you need a good quality score.

Here’re 2 scenarios most will encounter at 1 point or other in their Pay Per Click online marketing venture.

Scenario 1:

You bid $0.30. Next day, Google ups your bid to $0.45. You increase your bid to $0.45 because it was a good keyword. Google ups the minimum bid to $0.60.

At this point, realise that this is Google subtly telling you they don’t want you to advertise for that keyword.

So for those who have tried PPC and experienced this, posted in forums and feeling frustrated at this scenario, its a QS issue on your part that needs fixing.

Scenario 2:

You bid $0.08. After 3 days of impressions and clicks, your bid stays at $0.08. You’re on your way to earning at least $3000 per month in profits for that single campaign on full automatic. Heck, with a bit more effort, you might even earn $12,000 for that month.

So proving the old axiom, do it once and do it right. The rich do get richer, the poor will get poorer.

For this reason, I always do my own pages. Its a skill that has made me a ton of money. Understanding how to build Quality Google Compliant pages that are high converting is a superb skill to learn.

Pay Per Click Success Parting Tips

1st parting tip, you’ll want to be careful of the cookie cutter type templates that are given out by affiliate networks and coaching courses, these templates will not work in the long run, not with Google Adwords. Of course, if you’re into the facebook ads, media buys, PPV, which have no QS issues, then its ok… but that’s another post altogether.

2nd parting tip. From all the campaigns that I built, once you’re making money, the money flows. A PPC campaignt that needs fixing is often harder to revive then one that just performs well out of the gate. Its a lot like coding. Having to figure out what went wrong with the codes can be more taxing then to just simply redo the entire code again. So if ever you’re feeling stuck and not earning $3000 per month profits (minimum) because of poor QS issues etc, don’t hesistate to restart from scratch and build a quality landing site that sits well with Gogole.

Alrrighty, thats it for today, will speak to you more in the weeks to come. Till then, stay profitable!


PS: I have in my pipeline a small group PPC coaching course around 4 to 8 persons. With a smaller group, I can devote my personal time and attention to each individual. When I finish my current online projects, will turn my attention to this. Let y’all know more when I can.

Oh and stay cool ūüôā

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