PPC Classroom 2.0 By Amit and Anik

PPC Classroom 2.0 By Amit and Anik

PPC Classroom 2.0 by Amit, the $2.4million dollar Physics guy who "worked" at MIT. They are giving a ton of PPC tips away for free and over delivered on these resources so as to assure you that you can absolutely put your faith in them.

Even if you don’t take their course, the free tips alone are worth getting.

A New Age

Folks like Amit are ushering in a new age of Internet Marketing coaches.

What sets Amit apart from many who teach the subject of Internet or Affiliate Marketing is that he does what he teaches made apparent because of the depth at which he shares the PPC affiliate tips. They practice, become successful, then teach.

Isn’t that the correct way?

You can’t know these things about Pay Per Click Marketing, specfically Adwords or Yahoo unless you have gone into it in depth. A ghost writer writing about PPC can only know so much.

There’s too much info, here’s a 10% snippet of what you can expect.

  • Hidden keyword tracking – This works for Google Search. So you know EXACTLY which keywords convert.
  • PPC optimisation – Some PPC campaigns break even, how do you optimise to explode your campaign. You could be promoting any affiliate product whether it be from Clickbank or GDI or Commission Junction.
  • Search or Content myth – Some "gurus" say content networks are duds. But is it really? Frankly, its ok with me that many believe this and don’t use the content network, Amit why did you have to let the secret out… *Sigh*
  • Landing Pages – What type of landing pages work best…
  • Direct linking – Should you direct link? Some say yes, some say no (im in the "no" category). Amit shares when to do direct linking and when to go into landing pages. Plus he plans to provide professional landing pages.

There have been many guru products launched by Internet Marketing experts. The only products that specifically teach you how to OPTIMISE AND TRACK YOUR RESULTS are the ones worth getting because…

TRACKING AND OPTMISATION, then SCALING up your campaigns is what will explode your income.

Who Should Get this Course:

  1. Exisiting Affiliate Marketer – If you’re currently promoting any affiliate product from any of the Affiliate networks like Azoogle, CPA Empire, Copeac, CJ, oh and Global Domains International ūüôā
  2. Existing Business Owner – Are you a music teacher, Spanish Tutor, Latin dance teacher, guitar teacher, Fat loss market, consumer based business? Do you want more customers students calling you? Then PPC Classroom 2.0 can get you more students.
  3. New to the scene – Yes, you need this.

My Thoughts And PPC Strategies:

PPC is NOT the golden key to riches although it is one of the main starting points. Its one aspect of the entire Affiliate Marketing chain.

In a war, the Airforce, Navy and Army combine to form a powerful fighting unit. Then there is also the Intelligence data gathering unit. Everything must work in sync for maximum results.

One of the secrets of PPC affiliate marketing is this.

  • I usually test my landing pages with PPC and get the results I want before actually going into SEO and sending more traffic to it.
  • The Story. The content is more important then everything else. PPC allows you to test "The Story"

For example, I will spend $300 on a PPC campaign to get the response that I want. Perhaps get someone to call about a niche offline business and make an appointment. Once I get the response im looking for, I will then outsource the phone answering to someone else. PPC allows me to test this in 7 days, rather then 6 months.

And with the recession 2008, stock market, Dow Jones falling and all, now is a great time for an internet business.

So don’t sit on the fence, invest in Pay Per Click Marketing, you won’t regret it.

Click here for a video where Amit talks about advanced PPC strategies. If you already practice PPC, you will like this.

See you in the course!


PS: There was one of Amit’s relative on the call who owns a convenience stall in New Jersey. He spoke with a heavy indian accent and now wants to sell of his offline business to become a full time PPC affiliate.

PPS: I have seen the preview material… and i’ll be in the classroom hearing what Amit has to share. Will I see you there?

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