PPC Classroom Update – Lessons & Mistakes From 6 Figure Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Classroom Update – Lessons & Mistakes From 6 Figure Pay Per Click Marketing

Back to the discussion about Pay Per Click Marketing and Landing Quality Score.

I corresponded with Renee from Speed PPC. (Renee is from Australia and she has some really nice Speed PPC videos teaching on how to use fully utlise the tool, available to members.)

With Speed PPC, there is a learning curve which allows you to build massive PPC keyword campaigns. When building massive campaigns, there are often cases where 30% of your keywords get slapped with $0.45 to $0.60 to $8.00 to $15.00 bids. Speed PPC is still a great tool, when combined with others tools that help lower your Google Adword Quality Score.

PPC Classroom 2.0 speaks about going breadth when selecting keywords. However, even if you go breadth, it does not mean that this strategy is the key to riches (but it is important), because many of your keywords will not necessarily show up on the sponsored search. Inserting TOKENS don’t necessarily help in lowering your score. The old fashioned way of being willing to construct a unique landing page for every single 1000 keywords, will often get you $0.08 sponsored search bids. And that’s alot of work.

I mainly use Speed PPC to construct my campaigns and I don’t use their templates, which although it helps in tracking TIDs and stuff, simply inserting tokens into these templates does not necessarily give me the $0.08 bids I need. The full proof way is to really build unique landing pages on a themed website with real content.

Think about it, Google wants content, fresh and updated, if everyone were to scrap stuff from all over the net, then there is no longer any need to create material for people. Google wants links from PPC Ads to link to unique content too. Not stuff that can be found from the normal search engine.

The only other tool that KINDA works is LPGEN or Landing Page Generator, which is a whopping $500++. What this does is it creates landing pages on the fly. These landing pages correspond directly with the Google AD Display and Destination URL, which is one of the main components to deciding what bids to give you at the start of a new campaign. I have this tool and all i can say is that it KINDA works. Perhaps the best way is to tinker with the codes a little and change the footprints so that the material it pulls from the web is different from everyone else’s out there. Then you’ll have a unique landing page with little footprints from everyone else that has the tool.

If you get slapped…

If you get slapped with $15.00 sponsored search bids for every single keyword and nothing seems to work, in which case, you might need to:

  1. Start over from a new domain.
  2. Google like UNIQUE and Themed, so create a landing page that corresponds directly to the keywords you’re bidding for. So you’ll have a site that’s http://domain.com/keyword1.html http://domain.com/keyword2.html and so on…

Can you really make $5,000 a month from PPC Marketing?

Of course, Google wants you to advertise on Adwords, that’s a good source of revenue for them, BUT they also need to take care of the interest of their Surfing users. Its a balancing act, where the scales are tipped in favour of the surfers, not the PPCers, and especially not the Affiliate PPCers.

Sherman, any real numbers?

If you like to learn what real PPC numbers look like, I will put together some numbers as I go through my campaigns. Meanwhile, keep working hard! ūüôā

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  1. markson November 4, 2008 at 6:19 am

    i have not started here in ur program.can i realy make such amount of momey in a month and how much do i start with.i will also want to know how to pay if i need money to start up.hope i get a reply soon.

  2. Gulia November 4, 2008 at 6:40 am

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  3. Gulnara Mamedova November 4, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    Hallo Dear Best Cherman

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    Vielen Dank My Beste

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