PPC Profits of $200 Per Day opposed to $20 Per Day…

February 9th, 2009

When doing pay per click marketing, its a good idea to know the difference between EXACT match and PHRASE match.

1. Exact match refers to when you have your keyword written in this format.

[make money online]

This is exact match. When a person types in make money online into Google, your ad will show.

If that person types in makemoneyonline, your ad will not show.

2. Phrase match refers to keywords written in this format.

"make money online"

In this case, if someone types in want to make money online, because make money online is a part of the phrase, your ad will show.

There are 100s of "funky" permutations one can do with a simple sentence.

  • want to makemoneyonline
  • want to make moneyonline
  • want tomake moneyonline
  • and so on…

The smarter PPC users will probably spend more time to build campaigns targeting those "funky" keywords, instead of going for the obvious make money online keyword and spend up to $2.00 per click.

All the best!

~Sherman Choo

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