Progressing From a 6 Figure Affiliate to 6 Figure Vendor

Progressing From a 6 Figure Affiliate to 6 Figure Vendor

Some thoughts today about affiliate marketing and being a vendor and how the transition was like for me.

I am an apex vendor with clickbank (in layman terms, it means i make  a six figures with the network) so it gives me some insight into this.

If you’re an affiliate marketer who wants to become a vendor, i hope this post benefits you.

1.The Most Important Skill an Affiliate Needs To Have

First of all, as an affiliate, most of my work involved searching for traffic online. There are many ways to get traffic and to name a few:

-Search Engines, eg Bing and Adwords

-Pay Per View, eg Media Traffic and Lead Impact

-Social networks, eg Facebook

-Email buys, there are marketers who collect an email database and will send out a link to a website for a fee

-Direct Media buys, where one negotiates directly with the owner of a  highly visible site to have a banner placement, preferably above the fold.

-YouTube marketing, create funny viral videos and include a link in the description that leads to the website.

being good at the above, allows an affiliate to gauge whether or not he is going to be able to find the customers. This is very important because building a site, doesn’t mean the money is going to come flowing in. We need to have a source of traffic that allows us to run conversion tests.

“Conversion? What does that mean?”

A conversion means, lead comes to the website, lead decides whether the website gives him value, lead takes his credit card and gives you money. That is what we are aiming for.

then there are little techniques we can use along the way to get the lead to give us as much money as possible by creating a sense of urgency.

2. I have Traffic Sherman, now what? Time to create a product…

Once the traffic equation is solved, thats part of the battle won. The next step is to create a product similar to the product you were promoting. How to go about doing this? Visit

odesk, freelancer, elance and you will be able to get providers who will create your info product.

For ideas on the content, my suggestion is to visit Amazon and look at the best sellers for your category.

So if im trying to create an info product that offers help and Dating Tips between “White Girls and Asian men”, then the dating section of amazon is where i’d want to start.

-Sometimes, I may purchase the book, scan a copy and request the ghost writer to write with reference to the Amazon best seller.

That way, the quality of the writing will be of higher quality which leads to lower refunds.

-You’ll want to have at least 2 products to sell.  That way, we make more money by leveraging on the same customer twice.

An Asian Guy who would like to know White Girls, could also be keen to learn how to “Date Russian Women”.

So after the initial sale is done, I would then suggest the same guy to discover how he can best connect with russian ladies, how to ultimately arrange a meetup, be it the guy visiting russia or bringing the girl to his country… all for the low price of $49.99 🙂

3. Creating the Sale Copy

Sales copy is the art of writing that triggers impulse thoughts in peoples minds and prompt them to take action. So if i mentioned to a friend, “look at that hot russian girl, beautiful..”, immediately his reaction would be to turn his head and have a look, the thought “sex” is probably not too far from his mind as well.  People buy things based on the emotional state they are in, and a good copy writer will be able to use phrases, pictures, sound to put a lead into a frame of thought to buy.

The best advice i can give on writing copy is to study the sales copy of other successful vendors and note down key phrases in the lander and keep it in a swipe file.

If  you find that the sales copy puts you in an emotional state to buy because it addresses a problem you are having, “Guy wants a russian girl friend but has no idea what to do”, then its a website that you want to bookmark and save for reference.

4. Final traffic tip once everything is ready..

A good source of traffic is to leverage on affiliates and vendor partners. Affiliates are willing to drive traffic to your website and they spend alot of time and energy, and money to do so. therefore, its important to be generous with them, offer 65% to 75% commissions so they stay with your product.

I would also recommend building an email list of affiliates so whenever you have a new product, your affiliates will spread the word and you’ll see the money come rolling in at the touch of a button.

Forming partnerships with other vendors is also effective. By supporting each other, you will be able to create a monopoly on your chosen niche. Any traffic that comes to your partners, will eventually flow to your product when they send an email newsletter with a link to your website.  It will be an ecosystem of passive cash which will free up your time to do more of the things you enjoy.

Like travel and meeting Russian Girls…

Ok that’s bout it, getting back to work.


To Your Sucesss,


PS: Success leaves clues, study how others are successful and soon, you will become a $250,00o a year Apex earner with clickbank.

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