Scaling up Traffic using Multiple Accounts.

Scaling up Traffic using Multiple Accounts.

Multiple laptops allows me to have multiple accounts buying traffic from popular search engines and social networks.

Once I’ve found a way of spending $8 on traffic to earn $40, that’s $32 profit.
With this number in my head, that’s when I bring out the other laptops to muscle up the traffic.

Each laptop represents a single account. That way, I get to have all my ads in specific web properties that are giving me converting traffic.

So because I’m serving multiple ads, it means I’m getting more clicks for the same price.

It also means I need to create multiple websites because websites that are similar suffer a quality score issue.

While all this takes effort to do, it is worth it because we’re talking about $1000++ profits a day once it’s all setup.

And then it all runs on auto pilot.

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