Secrets of Pay Per Click Marketing

Secrets of Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing is for folks who have experience with making money online. Its a long term traffic generation method once the campaign is tweaked and tested for optimum results.

Step #1: Setup your Adwords account at

Step #2: Look for a topic that you like, using Google’s Free Keyword Research tool.

Step #3: Find a product from Azoogle, Clickbank, that complements the need.

Step #4: Once you’ve found a product you like, create a simple landing page (Click Here For Reference) and host it here. Include a link at the bottom which redirect to the merchant’s page.

Step #5: Tracking (This is Ultra Important)

The url leading to the landing page should be a 3rd party tracking link which allows you to track which keywords are converting for you. This is important if you’re selling someone else’s product because you’ll not be able to place your tracking code on the merchant’s download page. Some affiliate networks allow you to append the tid tracking code at the end of the link. This works for a direct linking method, but not if you’re going to do a landing page system. So, you’ll want to have a 3rd party tracking tool to help you do this. There’s a small learning curve for this and training comes with the tracking tool. There are a few in the market, such as Affiliate Radar, Xtreme Conversions, the one I prefer is Covert Conversion Pro.

Step #6: Download the Google Adwords Editor and upload your campaigns from this tool. Its a super time saver as you’ll discover.

Advanced Users:

If you like Pay Per Click Marketing, you’ll also want Speed PPC to your wish list for Christmas 2007. This tool is used with Adwords Editor to create Google Campaigns quickly. Its a great time saver.

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