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Looking Back at 2009, Now 2010!

For all online internet business owners, starting out as an Entreprenuer is mostly a lonely road. If my experience and others who have started their own niche business is anything to go by, it always starts with a dream. Whether it be working at your own time, working from anywhere in the world, waking at 10am while everyone is rushing to work, or just plain getting financially well in just under a year. Once we have made up our mind, we sling a backpack over our shoulders and start walking. Those that finally [...]

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Online Marketing Tips

These are the kinda problems the higher then average earners will face. If you're doing $500 to $1000 a day, that's good, then there're some that do $5000 per day, even better then. 1. Accounts Get Banned - There's been a major clean up over at Google Adwords. The life time ban from using the google platform has affected MANY online marketers. It does not only affect those that run the google biz type of ads, those that run poor quality acai ads, funky rebills as an affiliate are also [...]

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Should I Bid $0.80 – $1.50 PPC Bids?

Bidding $1.50 for keywords generally is not a good idea, for the simple reason that you can lose $50 in less then 2 hours. Some folks suggest bidding high then bringing the bids down and it can be exciting to check your ad displaying on the 1st page of Google. However, it can be very hard to sustain the top spot in Google because unless your sales process is fully tweaked for maximum conversions, its a sure way to lose money quickly. If we're making $10,000 but spending [...]

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The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge – 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE.

The Affiliate Money Magazine Challenge - Valid Till 7th September 2008 1(one) Person To Be Coached To Earn $1000s For FREE. 1 Spot Only. To commemorate a new milestone online (hitting a personal new online income), for 4 weeks and 45min session periods per week, I will coach 1(one) "SERIOUS" person for FREE to make REAL money online. (Note: If you're already successful online, that means earning at least $5000 every month, then you're doing well, save a spot for someone else who has never made a single [...]

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Payoneer Affiliate Mastercard – How To Receive Money From The Internet

Payoneer Affiliate Mastercard Some networks issue a debit master card so you can collect your commissions. When you 1st receive your Mastercard, you will need to activate it at and select your pin. See the sticker. This pin is going to be the pin that you enter when withdrawing your affiliate commissions from your local ATM using this card. The card can also be used for Credit Card type transactions. It comes with the 16 figure digits, month/year expiry, 3 digit security Code, the whole works. Bear [...]

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How To Make Money Online – “A Session With Rob”

Reliable "make money online" information can be found from people who started outside the "Make Money" online niche, folks like Rob Benwell... In order to help 10 (ten) persons get started in Niche Marketing, I'll provide you $80 (value $80) in advertising cash to implement Rob's "Eliminator" method. With this money, you can jump start your business in any niche. These are niches outside the following: Home Business Network Marketing Internet Marketing Make Money Online Adsense Here's how to qualify: You need to be serious about niche marketing [...]

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Internet Marketing – Are You Outsourcing?

For most people who want to start a home business, they fall under 2 categories. They have time or they have money from their current/previous jobs. If you have savings, its certainly much easier to get started in a home internet business because you'll be able to invest in resources that would save you alot of time. Some tools are very necessary for an internet business, without which its hard to sustain a long term business. If you don't have the money to invest in an internet business, [...]

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How To Sell Online – Successful Conversion Process

Copyright 2008 Sherman Choo. This article is for my subscribers. It may not be copied, reposted or reproduced in any form. Successful Conversion Process (Value $0 to some $9230 to those who read and implement) Here is a breakdown of how products are sold online. Implement them in your business and watch your internet bank account grow. 1. Email Marketing. Email marketing is simply building a list of subscribers who wish to keep in touch with you. They like what you write, your insights and recommendations. This works [...]

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How Short is Short?

I've seen posts about dynamic landing pages that state having a keyword on your landing page that coincides with the phrase searched in Google will decrease your Adwods Keyword cost. I thought I qualify this statement. In my niches outside Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, or Home Business, I have a landing page with the exact same keyword in headings at the top of the landing page, that corresponds directly to the word searched for in Google. My Minimum Bid cost was... $15.00. That's $15.00 per click, even [...]

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