The End Of Commission Junction…Affiliates Woes, Deactivated & Commission Forfeit?

July 22nd, 2008

I was checking out couple of new affiliate networks to explore. Found a couple of posts about commission junction where affiliates were taken off the network (commissions forfeit?)


"Is it just me that is fed up with the standard Commission Junction deactivated advertiser email?

You have received this email because one or more of the advertisers you are affiliated with in the Commission Junction network has recently been temporarily deactivated.

Why CJ just can’t let us know who the merchant is, what the problem is it would save a lot of logging on and searching for the report."


"Cons of Commission Junction

• perhaps a downside of the variety of products on offer is the overwhelming nature of CJ
• slightly more complicated interface than a program like Amazon
they deactivated my account!
• application to programs within the larger Commission Junction network can be frustrating and a long process"


"I recently received an email from CJ stating that they would deactivate my account because the lack of activity. This means that they will deactivate my account because I haven’t been making sales. It didn’t really make much sense to me why they would do that so I emailed them back as I was given an opportunity to appeal."

Editors comment: This is one of the strangest, I never knew an affiliate network would deactivate an affiliate account with funds in it for sales inactivity? Gotta read the fine print carefully.


"I rarely sling bad things about a company but Commission Junction really pushed all my buttons… the wrong ones, that is! It's so frustrating to see how fast they "deactivate" your working account whenever there's an alleged period of "sales inactivity"."


"It's so frustrating to see how fast they "deactivate" your working account whenever there's an alleged period of "sales inactivity"."

Can you imagine having your earnings forfeit without recourse?

I would recommend trying out other affiliate networks. You can find similar advertisers on other networks as well. For example, if you want to promote Dell, they can be found on networks that do not have similar affiliate woes compared to

  1. Linkshare
  2. Trade Doubler
  3. Performics
  4. AI Income

Piggy back on the experience of others and stay safe 🙂

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