The Ms Google Slap…$15 Per Click

The Ms Google Slap…$15 Per Click

If you ever been slapped by the Google Glove, you know it gives you a warm…fuzzy…tingly feeling. Since PPC makes alot of money for me, I spent half the day trying to find a work around for getting spanked hard by Ms Google.

I managed to get my $15 keyword from $15 down to $0.06 but that was not before some curious fellow clicked on my Ad and charged my Credit Card with a $15 click.

Anyhow…Here’s a quick run down on what you need to know if you get spanked.

Google has a record of keywords that you get slapped with. They will spank fast but will take time to unspank you. Is it fair? Nope but that’s life. So. its safer to get the PPC campaign set up once well, then to figure out what went wrong. Prevention is better then cure.

Here’s what you’ll wanna do to ensure that your landing page is well received by Ms Google.

Guru’s tell you that landing pages are slapped quick. Forget that, you can construct small landing pages and still pay only $0.06 Here’s a snap shot of how short my landing page is. This same page went from $15 to $0.06. The length remained the same while the content changed.


  1. Have your Keyword at the top of the page and make it a header format. That is "heading 1" for most WYSIWYG editor.
  2. Have your Keyword at the bottom of the page and hyper link it to a similar resource.
  3. Give a preview of what you’re about to offer.
  4. The Ad composed must coincide with what the landing page is saying.
  5. Use the word FREE, Bonus and give a perception of value to readers & Ms Google.

Last 1… Not for the faint hearted, but if you want to try it, Bid $15 and if some silly billy clicks on your Ad, it could fall from $15 down to $0.06…. Alternatively, refresh your Google Adwords page and wait to see if the price drops.

There you go, that’s how to tame Ms Google. Now get out there and go make some money with PPC!


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