Thoughts of Successful People

Thoughts of Successful People

Having been in the online marketing space for 7 years, i’ve had the opportunity to work with and observe patterns of success from 7 figure earners in the industry.

– High income earners have similar traits. They will always be able to turn a bad situation around because they hv the right psyche. Thoughts patterns are “let’s keep trying till we find something that works”

– Undivided focus. That means to accomplish 1 thing at a time. There are many things that can be going on at the same time. Finish 1 task before going on to the next.

– Avoid the negative people. They are poison and hv nothing to show for. If you are trying to do $200,000 a year, hang around those that earn that income. If you’re aiming to earn 1 billion, study hard and become a top class programmer so you can run shoulders with Mark Zuckerberg.

– Never get frustrated. The reason we pick up a sport or play a game is because of the challenge. Enjoy the challenge and the money will come. If the work frustrates you, then it’s time for a career change and do something you enjoy.

With the right thought patterns, it allows a better way to live then just passing through life being mediocre and unhappy.

To your pursuit of success and happyness,
Sherman choo

“What can I do today to keep moving forward towards my goal?”

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