Thursday’s Pay Per Click Marketing Tips

Thursday’s Pay Per Click Marketing Tips

Before we begin: If terms like negative matching, acronyms like PPC and long tail keywords sound alien, do set yourself up with this step-by-step course 1st >>

Lets dive in…

Question: How much should we set aside to see good profits in Affiliate Pay Per Click Marketing?

Rule of thumb, if you plan to bid on 1000 keywords, you will want to set aside a budget of around $1000 and 7 days to test and get data.

Having many keywords or even long tail keywords may seem profitable, however, the truth is long tail keywords can be1 hit wonders plus you’ll be spending more money weeding out the non profitable long tail keywords.

So if we think conservatively, what im saying is 1000 keywords means more money to lose then more money to gain, especially if the bids for these long tails are $1.00 or more and you’re marketing some kinda affiliate network product. "make money online" is a long tail keyword that costs 3.00 a click, perhaps more. And if you were to bid 1000s of variations of "make money online" or "make money at home", at $3.00 a click for the 1st page of google will most likely eat thru a $1000 budget in 3 days or less.

For the small budget PPC marketer, we don’t make money by having more keywords, we will often lose money by having more keywords.

But that’s against the grain of thought right? We should have more long tail keywords to profit?

Yep that’s what I read from an "internet marketing book" too, its only 1 side of the story and just theory.

Here’s the thing, if you want to bid on 1000 keywords for a popular "affiliate network product" and actually see profit of $500 to $1000 per week, then be prepared to have your starting budget around $1,000 per week, more if possible because the good keywords which you are going to target will always cost more and you need to consider the keywords that aren’t going to convert without sufficient clicks.

PPC is alot like high limit roulette, if you want to play the PPC game the way the big boys play, go for 1000s of keywords and be on the 1st page of Google, then you need a big budget. If the capital isn’t big enough and we try to bite of more keywords then we can chew, a small player can’t accrue sufficient clicks for each keyword,  end up stretching themselves very thin and can’t go the distance required to see profit. 

But there is a solution if your budget is around $200 to $1000.

Question: What keywords should we bid for with a small budget?

I recommend that the small budget PPC marketer bid on the single keyword like "fats" or "fat loss" (note: will still need to take into account the sales copy, conversion process etc) and focus all your money on that word.

Or if you’re not going to go for a single keyword, then channel your budget into multi worded keywords, and stay away from the single word.

Tip: Do not mix the single and long tail keywords for now till we get some experience and a feel of that PPC niche. The single keyword will often eat thru your budget meant for testing the long tail keywords that require 10 clicks and $0.90 per click to convert into a sale.

If you try to mix the single keywords and 500 long tail keywords (3 or more word keywords) I can almost guarantee you will spend $150 in less then 8 hours for keywords you "think" will convert.

Moving on…lets talk about long tail keywords.

Question: How should we bid for very long tail keywords that are 5 words or more?

If you’re in the home biz or residual income niche, a keyword such as "i need money home biz op for mums" may be a converting keyword. But this is often a 1 hit wonder. Having an exact match for this keyword is quite pointless for the simple reason that it will take forever to have another person key in the same keyword. Just leave the keyword as a broad match or phrase match will do.

Keywords that have 3 or more words are generally sufficient and they will give you decent traffic. You want keywords that have multiple clicks, not 1 hit wonders, these are gravy bonuses, and that’s just what they are, bonuses, not the bread and butter click.

Tips on Phrase and Negative Matching

Another example:

If you’re in the health niche, and you find a couple of keywords that are converting and they all start with "fat loss diet"

Then what you can do is to bid on phrase match and go for the keyword "fat loss diet"

What will happen is any long tail keyword that has "fat loss diet" in the sentence will feature your ad.

  • fat loss diet pills
  • fat loss diet recipes
  • fat loss diet meals
  • fat loss diet etc etc….

Granted some "fat loss diet" phrases will not convert, from here you can do 2 things, after 7 days of data, bid exact match for the "fat loss diet pills" and the "fat loss diet meals" which converted. OR add negative keywords such as recipes, recipe for the phrase fat loss diet recipe which had no conversion.

This way, your "fat loss diet pills" and "fat loss diet meals" are now showing which is what you wanted whilst eliminating the rest.

By having negative keywords and knowing when to add exact match for the right keywords, you’ll find that for every $1000 invested in PPC, you’ll take out $1000 profit. Put in $10,000, take out $10,000 profit.

Simple isn’t it? The internet wealth is yours!


PS: Ever considered entering the China? I know someone who has broken into the China market and milking the china dragon. if you know mandarin, now’s the time to enter China, its a hungry Internet Marketing cash machine. To your success!

PPS: Go into the foreign markets for PPC, these are PPC cash cows ūüôā

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