Wednesday’s Network Payment Tip

Wednesday’s Network Payment Tip

Here are a couple of ways to get paid from the networks, withdraw your cash from your local ATM and spend it on your daily needs. Let’s have a look.

1. Paypal Masspay

Tip: This mode of payment will have your commissions paid to your paypal account. From your paypal account, you can withdraw your money to your banking account.

2. Check

A paper check is sent to your home, where you’ll cash in your check and withdraw the cash from your ATM.

Tip: The cost to cash in checks is lower then t/t, although the wait time to receive your check by mail then cashing it can be a hassle.  

3. Wire Transfer Net 15

Gets you paid every 15th of the month. Example, earnings in January are paid to you via t/t to your bank account on 15th February.

Tip: You can save $105 in bank transfer fees, compared to weekly t/ts. The exchange rate, if converting from USD to foreign currency, is higher then paypals rate.

4. Wire Transfer Weekly

Get paid weekly.

Tip: Fees are incurred for every transaction so if this option is chosen, its a good idea to have earnings of $1000 per week to make it worthwhile. In contrast, if you earn just $50 a week, as much as $35 can be the wire transfer fee depending on who you work with. Its not worthwhile to choose this option unless you’re a high earner and your weekly income superceeds this bank fee.


ps: Be sure to have at least $500 in your commission account before requesting a withdrawal to cover any banking transaction costs. 

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