Working With Google Adwords

Working With Google Adwords

Adwords quality score – The quality score is awarded by Google to determine how relevant a landing page is to their searches. If the quality score is high, the lower the cost is. Often once a page has been visited by the google bot, if it has a bad quality score, the QS is going to stay that way, which is not a good thing because it translates to expensive clicks which can be unprofitable for a business. If the QS is high, its going to be profitable UNTIL, your page goes through a google manual review. When this happens, the campaign might get hit by what is known as a google slap. The bids will then fall through the roof and one will need to pay for clicks that are no longer profitable, anywhere from $1.50 and above.

Adwords click thru rate – Google can give a good QS to a landing page of about 7 to 10 upon 10. Over a period of 24 hours, should the CTR of a keyword associated to an ad be too low, the QS can fall to 2. This will almost immediately translate to bids that are far too high to sustain the ad running. While choosing a keyword that is too broad and has too many searches, the CTR can very quickly fall way too low, resulting in high bids.

Working with rebills – Rebills is something that google is not too keen to have on their advertising platform. This is because there’re too many complaints about charges that should not be. Its suggested that if you run rebills, try not to run it on google adwords.

1st Manual review – Sometimes, an ad will not show for more then a few days. This normally happens to new google adwords accounts. When this happens to you, either wait for the review to occur or, you can write to Google Adwords support and request for a review that your ads are not showing. That can help expedite your ad to show.

Adwords OPPORTUNITY Tab – This gives you suggestions for keywords that are closely related and helpful for your campaign. With these suggestions, some might be good, some not, so be sure to be selective about the keywords that you decide to add to your campaign. It can be the difference between a couple $100 extra and a campaign loss.

More to come soon…best to your campaigns!


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